Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Cannabis in Bremerton, WA

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day yet? If not, a trip to a Bremerton dispensary may be in order. If your sweetheart loves cannabis, they will no doubt be head over feet if you show up for date night with a bouquet of green flowers. But beyond that, cannabis can make sure you and your Valentine have all kinds of fun. Take a look at a few of the best products for Valentine’s Day below.

Cannabis Products for Dates

Do you have big plans to get out and find something to do in Bremerton? Whether you’re grabbing a romantic dinner for two at one of the best restaurants, catching a show, or otherwise, there are some awesome Valentine’s Day cannabis treats that are bound to make the occasion more fun. A few things from the menu to consider include:

Mary Jones Berry Lemonade Soda Product Image

Cannabis Products for a Night Together on the Couch

Some couples prefer to go out for Valentine’s Day, but if your idea of a good time means chilling on the couch, we’ve got just the picks. You may be whispering sweet nothings all starry-eyed, happy, and totally vibing with a few of these products.

Punch & Pie Rosin from Walden

This Punch & Pie rosin from Walden is a sheer sweet treat with its massive concentration of terps, but the effects are all savory and perfect for a night on the couch. Dabbing this concentrate together is destined to be a bonding experience with its low-key body buzz and goofy euphoria.

White Truffle Pre-Roll from 2727

Nothing says romance like a shared White Truffle preroll from 2727 and a nice romantic movie like Pineapple Express or Dazed and Confused. Or, wait, maybe those are all about loving weed. In any case, White Truffle is a surefire treat for any couch-dwelling couple on Lover’s Day with its robust flavor, intense relaxation, and tendency to leave you feeling warm and tingly.

Cormorant Grapefruit Sorbet

Nothing says romance on the couch like cuddling up with a tub of ice cream and two spoons. Trade in the usual tub of ice cream for a Cormorant cannabis-infused sorbet, and you’re bound to have an even better time. This sorbet comes in several flavors, including Grapefruit, Blueberry, and Mango, and the cool sweetness is delicious. A few spoonfuls at a time brings on a slow and steady high perfect for couch time with your love.

Cannabis Products for Intimacy

If your idea of a good Valentine’s Day means getting up-close and personal with your partner, there are all kinds of good cannabis products to enhance the occasion. From topicals to use to get one another in a soothed state to products rumored to up your libido, there are quite a few cannabis products for intimacy. You may want to:

  • Try a one-on-one massage with Ceres Topical Moon Cycle lotion
  • Share some Hot Sugar Fruit Drops with CBD and THC
  • Light up a Wedding Cake pre-roll, which is rumored to be great for libido
Hot Sugar Fruit Drops Product Image

Make Valentine’s Day More Than Sweet with the Best Cannabis in Bremerton

As you check off all the boxes to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable event, be sure to plan a visit to DH420 in Bremerton. Our dispensary menu is loaded with all the best cannabis treats to make your fellow cannabis-lover swoon. Don’t forget, you can also order ahead for convenient pickup!

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