100 mg Edibles for $10 in Bremerton, WA

Looking for all the greatest edible deals in Bremerton, WA? How do 100mg edibles for $10 sound? If you stop in for a visit at Destination HWY 420 dispensary, this is exactly the kind of good deal you can find. We’ve got a reputation to uphold as one of the best spots to find WA dispensary deals, and this great price on edibles is one example of how we do just that. Check out everything you will want to know about our edibles deals in Bremerton and how to find them below.

Catch These Edible Specials in Bremerton at Destination HWY 420

Our menu features one of the most diverse selections of cannabis edibles in Washington State with brands in the collection like Agro Couture, Ceres Garden, Cormorant, and Blaze. Right now, you can even get your hands on 100mg of THC edibles for just $10, whether you’re looking for a THC-infused drink, ice cream, or something else.

Good deals at our dispensary are always evolving, which makes sure customers get to try new brands and edibles for a good price. However, a few awesome picks you may see for an exceptionally low price include:

  • Cormorant Sorbet Mango 4 oz. tubs with 100mg of THC
  • Wildside Shot 100mg THC Beverage Mixed Berry Max Elevate
  • Agro Couture Beverage Blue Raspberry Lemonade with 100mg THC
  • Cormorant Sorbet Tangerine 4 oz. tubs with 100mg of THC
  • Wildside Shot 100mg THC Beverage Lemonade 10:5 THC and CBD

We also have a few other ways to get the best prices on edibles. For example, you will occasionally catch Bremerton THC gummy deals on our menu, 10 pieces for as much as 30% off from a top brand. You may also find an excellent savings opportunity in our Fire Sale Bin in-store.

Cormorant Mango Sorbet Product Image

Shop for the Best Edible Deals in Bremerton at Destination HWY 420

From $30 grams of solventless rosin to $10 eighths, we’ve always got good prices on the best weed around. If you need a good place to shop for premium cannabis and don’t have a lot of money to spare, be sure to swing by Destination HWY 420. Our budtenders will gladly point you toward the best deals on the menu. Don’t forget, you are also free to visit our menu online and order ahead for convenient pickup.

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