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$40 Ounces of Flower in Bremerton, WA

Would you believe you can find $40 ounces of flower in Washington State? If you need to restock your stash, be sure to come by and see us at Destination HWY 420 in Bremerton. Our dispensary menu has some of the best strains from top cultivators, like Toasted and Pure Sensimiya for just $40 to $50 for a full ounce. Check out the details below.

$40 Ounces of Flower in Bremerton, WA

Check Out These $40 Ounces at Our Bremerton Dispensary

While our collection of $40 ounces of flower can vary, a few strain picks you may see on the menu for this incredibly low price point include:

  • Gelato – A classic hybrid strain with 21% THC, a telltale creamy flavor, and uplifting, euphoric effects that work well for boosting your mood
  • Mimosa – A fruity, complex-flavored hybrid with about 23% THC and the tendency to slip you into a calm, happy state of mind
  • SFV OG – A Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with 24% THC, notes of lemony pine, and an exceptional clear-headed high that doesn’t glue you to the couch

Watch for $50 Ounces of Toasted Cannabis

Toasted is one of the most sought-after cannabis brands in the state because they have high-quality flower and some of the most popular strains in the world of weed. So, we’re happy to say we’ve got several $50 ounces of Toasted cannabis on the menu. A few Toasted strains you will find on the menu in Bremerton for just $50 include:

  • Purple Punch – An Indica strain with 20% THC popular for its grape/blueberry flavor and effectiveness for helping with everything from stress to lack of appetite
  • Sour Diesel – A beloved Sativa strain with around 23% THC, a citrus, gassy flavor profile, and insane energetic uplift
  • Strawberry Cough – A Sativa-dominant strain with just over 21% THC and a noteworthy strawberry/ spice flavor known for serving up contemplative giggles and focus
  • Dolato – A classic Indica strain with around 20% THC, a fruity, floral flavor, and an exemplary ability to leave you relaxed and comfortable

How to Find the Best Ounce Deals in WA

When you’re stretching your green and need the best buds possible, be sure to do a bit of investigating before setting out to visit a dispensary. Check out online menus, look for special savings opportunities, and make sure the cheap weed in WA is coming from a good brand. If you prefer to shop in person, always get some recommendations from the budtender about what’s on sale or available at a special price. Sometimes, dispensaries will also have great deals around holidays and special events like 710 Dab Day and Smoketober.

Shop for $40 Ounces of Flower in Washington at Destination HWY 420

When you’re shopping on a budget and want the best cannabis flower in WA, Destination HWY 420 is the dispensary to visit. We’ve always got some good deals on our menu, so take a few minutes to explore. Don’t forget to join our Best Buds VIP Program for special deals and discounts!

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