710 Deals in Washington: Dab Day Party  

Sunday, July 9th:

Dab Day Party 2:00 – 8:00 PM

40% Off all vendor sponsors’ products / 20% Off all Djeep, Puffco, & My Bud Vase / 30% Off everything else, all day long!

Monday, July 10th:

30% Off everything in-store, all day long!

Just as there are always great deals to find on 420, Washington State 710 deals are not difficult to find either. Come check out our Dab Day Party on Sunday July 9th to celebrate 710 with food, drinks, music, and more!

What does 710 mean?

While most people who appreciate cannabis can tell you all about the 420 holiday, 710 is a bit newer and a bit lesser known. So, what does 710 friendly mean? And, more importantly, what kind of 710 deals can you find in WA? We have gathered all the information you need below. The 710 holiday (unofficial) occurs on July 10th annually. If you flip the number “710” upside down, you actually get a word: OIL. So, 710 is all about celebrating that purely concentrated form of cannabis many of us love and know so well. So, cannabis concentrates are to 710 as flower is to 420. In other words, this is the day that concentrate lovers, dabbers, and all those who appreciate purely potent extracts celebrate by picking up their favorite 710 deals and having a dab or two.

710 Deals in Washington State

We can’t speak for everyone, but at our dispensary, we’re offering great deals on all the best cannabis concentrates in WA. Plus, we’re hosting an all-out 710 Dab Day Party (free entry!), make your own candle station, food, drinks, entertainment, super soaker fights, vendor booths, and even some guidance on how to use concentrates. If you attend the Dab Day Party on July 9th, you can get discounted concentrates from our event sponsors like Crystal Clear, Ooowee, and Knots Cannabis.

Take Advantage of All the 710 Deals at Destination HWY 420

If you’re already searching for “710 deals near me,” be sure to check out the menu at Destination Highway 420. From premium 710 oil from top brands in WA to all the dabs and concentrates you could ask for, we’ve got you covered.

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