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The Top 5 Best Cannabis Concentrates in Washington State

Close up detail of marijuana oil concentrate aka shatter dab

Whether you’re all about those tasty terps, like a big bang for your buck, or simply prefer dabbing, concentrates make it all possible. From budder and live rosin to RSO and sugar, you can find the best THC concentrates in Washington. Check out our picks for the best Washington State cannabis concentrates.

Top 5 Best THC Concentrates Washington State

1. The Mintz BHO from Phantom

  • Lineage: Hybrid
  • THC: 95%

One of the most potent concentrates you can buy, The Mintz BHO from Phantom is for well-experienced dabbers only. This high-THC concentrate gives new meaning to the adage a dab’ll do ya. The Mintz concentrate has a slight hint of minty freshness paired with a skunk aftertaste. However, the intense effects are enough to leave you feeling starstruck with a relaxed mind and body.

2. Pink Lemonade Rosin from 111 Ranch

  • Lineage: Hybrid
  • THC: 92.1%

Solventless concentrates are rarely this pure, but the Pink Lemonade Rosin from 111 Ranch is one fine specimen in this concentrate category. Slightly waxy and profoundly terpene-rich, this rosin is tart and sweet and smells just as a fresh glass of pink lemonade should. The energetic uplift is the most noteworthy effect, but the experience soon settles into a place of bliss and serenity.

3. Dr. Who Shatter from Dog House

  • Lineage: Indica
  • THC: 85.9%

If shatter is your preferred cannabis concentrate, you won’t want to skip Dr. Who Shatter from Dog House if you catch it on dispensary shelves. This shatter is highly potent and has just the right consistency to make it easy to dab. This Indica concentrate is perfect when you need a ticket to a good night of sleep to deal with stress or pain.

4. Space Lemons Live Resin from Buddies

  • Lineage: Sativa
  • THC: 81%

Buddies is known for using natural processing to create some of the best Washington State cannabis concentrates. Space Lemons Live Resin is the perfect example of what Buddies does best. The cannabinoid/terpene profile with this live resin is full-spectrum and spectacular with a flash of citrus flavor. The overall effect is energy-driven happiness that kicks any moody blues to the curb.

5. Banana Kush Sugar from Rainbow

  • Lineage: Hybrid
  • THC: 80.3%

Sugar is perfect for twaxing an easy to accurately dose, and when you have loads of flavor, sugar wax is even better. Boasting all the flavor you could want, Banana Kush Sugar from Rainbow is truly an awesome pick. This sugar is said to leave you feeling all kinds of happy with an overall sense that all is right in your space-launched world.

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