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Weed Deals in Kitsap County

If you’re looking for some of the best daily deals on cannabis products available in Kitsap County, you’ve come to the right place!

Finding unbelievable Bremerton dispensary deals and Kitsap County dispensary deals can take up a big chunk of your time. Luckily, there is a shortcut to clinching the best Kitsap County discounts on recreational cannabis. If you’re pressed for time, go directly to the dispensary’s online menu of your choice and start saving big on dispensary marijuana deals.

In addition to our daily discounts, we offer a variety of additional ways to save money on amazing marijuana products: Veterans Discount, Seasoned Smoker Discount, Local Business Discount, Price Matching & More!

Mellow Monday + WYLD

Twisted Tuesday

Vape Away Wednesday

Thirty Thursday

High-Weight Friday

Shatterday Saturday

Sticky-icky Sunday

Destination HWY 420

Bremerton, WA Weed Deals

We are a locally owned and operated recreational cannabis dispensary in Bremerton, Washington. Our Kitsap County retail store is one of few providing legitimate medical marijuana card services and cannabis products for qualifying ailments. Stocking the biggest selections of marijuana and THC-infused products allows us to keep offering the best Kitsap County dispensary deals. Below are only some of our top deals.

  • Mellow Monday: A chilled 15% OFF all edibles, topicals, tinctures, and drinkables. Catch the 40% discount on all bursting-with-flavors WYLD gummies.
  • Twisted Tuesday: Spark up with 15% OFF pre-rolls, blunts, and joints.
  • Vape Away Wednesday: An uplifting 5% OFF all vape cartridges and vape accessories, plus an additional 20% price cut on all glass and accessories.
  • Thirsty Thursday: 30% OFF products from selected vendors.
  • High-Weight Friday: A heavy-hitting 30% off all 14g-28g flower.
  • Shatterday Saturday: Shatter the day with 15% OFF all concentrates and 30% price cut on ALL glass and accessories.
  • Sticky-Icky Sunday: 15% OFF all 1g-7g A-bud flower.
  • Happy Hour: 8 to 10 AM/PM 30% OFF your entire order.

All military veterans with proof of service always receive at least 20% off everything! 

How to Find the Best Kitsap County Dispensary Deals

1. Search Online for Kitsap County Dispensary Deals

Savvy consumers narrow their search specific to Kitsap County. Try searching “best Kitsap County dispensary deals.” Using those exact words filters out the outliers. Names and websites of stores offering top dispensary deals in Kitsap County pop up. Select from daily deals, weekend deals, and veteran’s discounts. Some dispensaries even throw a cannabis happy hour promotion.

2. Look for Kitsap County Dispensary Deals on Flower

Here’s the secret to how savvy tokers and veterans get in on the sales. Use the words “weed deals on eighths in Kitsap County” or “marijuana ounce deals in Kitsap County.” Voila! The more you look, the more opportunities for savings on top-tier flower from brands like Krakin Cannabis and Coastal Growers Cannabis. Scour the menu for daily specials on halves and ounces on premium-quality buds, pre-rolls, and more.

3. Join dispensaries’ VIP programs

Subscribing to dispensary emails, blogs, and VIP programs is a great way to keep up-to-date with savings opportunities. You will receive email alerts on upcoming sales and events. For example, new strain drops, promotions, and exclusive rewards for loyal customers. Save even more at special 4/20 celebrations!

Shop and Save at Destination HWY420

Clinch all the Kitsap County dispensary deals on recreational cannabis at our retail store. Shop more discounts and savings than any other Washington dispensary deals. Order ahead for pickup at our retail showroom in Bremerton, WA. Contact us or call 360-627-8754.

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