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$10 Eighths of Flower in Bremerton, WA

Cannabis bargain hunters have a knack for uncovering $10 eighths of flower and other weed deals on pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, vaporizers, and accessories. Call it their special tips and tricks. We’re about to let you in on the secret of how to get all the Washington dispensary deals in Bremerton or near you.

$10 Eighths of Flower in Bremerton, WA

How to Find the Cheapest Top-Quality Eighths in WA?

An eighth is the same as 1/8 ounce or 3.5 grams of cannabis flower, and it’s enough to have a shared experience. Clinching the best Washington dispensary deals and premium-quality eighths for as low as $10 is not rocket science. Note these tried-and-proven tips bargain shoppers apply:

Is it Top-Quality Weed?

Great question! It is okay to be concerned about the quality of weed you’re getting for just 10 bucks. Cannabis dispensaries are able to drop prices on the best weed strains in Washington for various reasons. This could happen if more growers come on the scene or when bulk weed costs drop in the marketplace. Sometimes, they are promoting a new strain or clearing inventory.

Where to Shop $10 Eighths Washington’s Dispensary Deals?

Whenever you’re searching high and low for the best Washington dispensary deals, deals on eighths, and affordable weed, think Destination HWY 420 in Bremerton, WA. Our $10 eighths sale is happening right now. We are not just a cannabis store. We are the Bremerton dispensary deals hub for all recreational and medical marijuana.

Our website even has a built-in deals button to take consumers directly to all the savings. Of course, consumers can look elsewhere. However, we are certain of our unbeatable prices even on best-in-class brands like K Savage and Lifted Luxury.

$10 Eighths Deals at Destination HWY 420

While we can’t verify the quality of $10 eighths weed at other dispensaries, consumers can shop with confidence at DH420. The $10 eighths flower on our menu are superior quality strains and among consumers’ beloved brands, such as Bodega. Peep the list of some fan favorites on the $10 eighths in Bremerton menu:

  • Bodega Buds Flower Kush Mintz: A balanced hybrid representing a cross between Animal Mints X Bubba Kush
  • Bodega Buds Flower Cereal Milk: A balanced hybrid created by crossing Y Life with Snowman
  • Bodega Buds Flower True OG: A powerful indica strain bred using OG Kush genetics

You’ve Arrived at Your Destination for Cheap Eighths in Washington

There are plenty of products on our menu to match your unique desires and lifestyle, from cannabis flower, pre-rolls, and edibles, down to concentrates, tinctures, and accessories to maximize the experience. See our daily specials and join our Best Bud VIP Program for more ways to save. Come visit Destination HWY 420 in Bremerton, order ahead, or call 360-627-8754.

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