Best Restaurants in Bremerton, WA 2023

Have you been exploring all the things to do in Bremerton, Washington? There’s so much to see and do, working up a bad case of the munchies can be expected. You’re in luck! Bremerton is home to some of the best food options in the state, no matter what type of food it is that gets your mouth watering. Check out this list of the best restaurants in Bremerton WA to get you to the right places.

Best Restaurants in Bremerton WA

1. Hi-Lo’s 15th Street Cafe

Where? 2720 15th Street

Type of Food: Cafe-style American

The Hi-Lo Cafe is the go-to place when you want an affordable breakfast that never leaves you wanting more. Hi-Lo serves up the classics with a twist, like Green Eggs & Ham and Moon Biscuits & Gravy. However, you’ll also catch quirky menu picks like the Ziggy Scramble and the Lox Plate. No matter your breakfast pick, this eclectic little place is full of personality and good food.

2. Axe & Arrow Gastropub

Where? 232 4th Street

Type of Food: Sophisticated American cuisine

Holding the prized #1 spot for the best food in Bremerton, the Axe & Arrow gastropub is hands-down one of the best places to grab lunch. This veteran-owned establishment serves up sophisticated American dishes including amazing burgers and home fries. However, the welcoming atmosphere and local craft beer on tap push Axe & Arrow over the top. If you stop in for dinner, be sure to order a bowl of the House Made Wagyu Beef Chili—you’ll definitely walk away impressed.

3. El Balcon

Where? 326 Pacific Avenue

Type of Food: Salvadorian, Mexican, and vegetarian cuisines

El Balcon is one of those local gems that’s easy to miss if you’re not paying close attention. This small-scale restaurant is not all that big, but the menu collection is insanely impressive with a combination of dishes. The list of available burritos, tortas, and pupusas has made this eatery famous. You can load any of these choices with just about any imaginable goodies you prefer from veggies to seafood.

4. 4 Sisters

Where? 1600 Northeast Roseway Lane

Type of Food: Vietnamese cuisine

When it comes to the best restaurants in Bremerton, a number of places that offer Asian cuisine could easily make the list. However, if you want the absolute best, stop in at 4 Sisters. This restaurant is locally prized for its Bahn mi sandwiches and phos. Yet, every Vietnamese dish you order here is made with the freshest possible ingredients, and the Boba Tea is a true treat.

5. Boat Shed Restaurant

Where? 101 Shore Drive

Type of Food: Casual seafood and steak

Located on the Manatee Waterfront, Boat Shed has been providing the best seafood with a view for over four decades. This waterside eatery offers a laid-back ambiance and some of the best seafood options you can get on a plate. The Seafood Linguine is absolutely incredible, laced with fresh clams, cod, salmon, and prawns soaked in a delectable creamy garlic sauce. However, the Boat Shed menu boasts some perfect picks for lunch on the run like a Salmon BLT.

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