Things to Do in Bremerton, Washington  

Planning a trip to Seattle or Puget Sound? If you want to go exploring, Bremerton, Washington is just across the water. So, hop on the Bremerton Ferry from Seattle and get prepared to visit one of the best places in the entire state. There are tons of things to do in Bremerton to keep you entertained. This waterside city is filled with interesting sites, unique museums, and natural beauty. Check out this compilation of the best things to do in Bremerton Washington, including a few ideas to keep the kids entertained.

All the Best Things to Do in Bremerton WA

1. Head to the Silver City Taproom and Brewery

The Silver City Taproom and Brewery is a local hot spot for travelers and locals alike because they have the best-handcrafted beers you can find. You can stop in and pick a brew on tap, which rotates between a collection of Washington-made favorites. However, the atmosphere here is part of the draw as you can always find someone else who loves beer that’s ready to strike up a convoy or tell a good beer story.

2. Catch a Ride on the Bremerton Ferry

The route between Bremerton and Seattle is only about 15 miles by ferry. If you are in Bremerton and want to head back to Seattle or vice versa, be sure to catch a ride on the Bremerton Ferry. The ride takes about an hour, and the ferry carries both people and passenger vehicles. So you can drive right on board and drive off when you arrive. The ferry runs daily all the way until almost midnight.

3. Visit Harborside Fountain Park

Harborside Fountain Park covers two acres in downtown Bremerton behind the Naval Museum and not too far from the Bremerton Ferry terminal. A handful of fountains are collected in the park where you are free to get your feet wet and kids love to splash in the water. A lot of people will grab lunch at a nearby eatery and then come here to relax while they eat and admire the surrounding public art.

4. Get in Touch with Naval History at the USS Turner Joy Museum Ship

The USS Joy Turner once navigated the seas as a naval warship. However, today the massive ship rests permanently moored in Bremerton Harbor. If you want to get a peek at what life on a warship was like for soldiers way back when, you won’t want to skip this historic attraction. A tour guide will take you right on the ship where you will spend an hour or two walking the same paths through the halls as the men who dutifully fought for the country so many years ago.

5. Go Antiquing at the Bremerton Vintage Flea

Vintage trinkets, hard-to-find antiques, curious collectibles—you can find them all at the Bremerton Vintage Flea. This massive flea market is open every Saturday on Pacific Avenue. Over two dozen vendors make their way here every weekend to display and sell their vintage knick-knacks, furniture, and cool antique items. Plus, there are always some amazing food trucks on site when you need to take a brother and grab a bite while searching for old treasures.

Bremerton Ferry

Fun Things to Do in Bremerton with Kids

1. Visit the Bremerton Bug and Reptile Museum

Do your littles love bugs and reedy crawlies? If so, they’ll enjoy a visit to the Bug & Reptile Museum. This museum houses a fascinating collection of everything from snakes and geckos to beetles and spiders. Plus, they may get the opportunity to hold and interact with some of the more docile creatures in the collection. Occasionally, the museum even hosts a scavenger hunt that encourages kids to get active while looking for a few noteworthy creatures.

2. Take Kids Ice Skating at the Bremerton Ice Center

The Bremerton Ice Center hosts public skate days year-round, and kids are always welcome. On public skating days, the general public can pay a small admission fee ($15), rent a pair of ice skates ($5), and skate for a few hours. Kids that are under the age of three years old actually get free admission, and there are kid-friendly skate aids available.

3. Go Geocaching and Exploring at Illahee State Park

You don’t have to go far to get away from the city streets with the kids. Illahee State Park is an 86-acre park positioned next to Port Orchard Bay. This natural area is a fun place to explore and look for seashells on the beach, fish, or even try to find the handful of geocaches that are hidden around the park. Personal watercraft are also allowed on the water. Therefore, older kids may enjoy a few hours of kayaking.

Cool Bremerton Events You Won’t Want to Miss

Looking for things to do in Bremerton this weekend? Be sure to keep an eye on local community pages because there is almost always some kind of festival or event to enjoy, such as:

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