Best THC Seltzers & THC-Infused Beverages in Washington State

Without a doubt, you can find the best edibles in WA, but The Evergreen State’s got you covered even if you prefer to sip your cannabinoids in a beverage. When it comes to THC drinks Washington State has no shortage of excellent picks for even the pickiest consumer. To help you find your way to only the top-shelf cannabis-infused beverages, we’ve gathered a list of the best weed seltzers, sodas, and more in WA below.

Best THC Infused Drinks in Washington State

1. Lil Ray’s Mango Lemonade

  • Potency: 100mg of THC per 1.75-ounce bottle
  • Type: Sativa

Ray’s Lemonade is one of the most well-known names in cannabis drinks in Washington State. However, one of the brand’s more recent additions, Lil Ray’s Lemonades, is easily a top choice. These little shot-sized bottles contain 100mg of THC, which is more than enough for multiple doses. The Lil Ray that happens to be a top seller is Mango Lemonade, which is flavorful and said to provide a nice energy lift in small doses.

2. Major Sacred Grape Fruit Drink with THC

  • Potency: 100mg of THC per 6.7-ounce bottle
  • Type: Hybrid

Specifically formulated to serve up a profound amount of THC in a small bottle, this Sacred Grape Fruit Drink from Major is a top pick from their beverage lineup. These drinks are made with natural fruit flavors and high-quality ingredients, so every sip is bursting with fruity goodness. And, of course, with so much THC in a small bottle, every sip packs a punch.

3. Wildside Blackberry Lemonade 1:2

  • Potency: 50mg of THC and 100mg of CBD per 12-ounce bottle
  • Type: Indica

Hydrate with a fast-acting cannabis-infused beverage that is just as refreshing as it is fun to drink. Wildside Blackberry lemonade contains a 1:2 ratio of THC and CBD, which produces a nice balanced buzz. These drinks are also made with added electrolytes and antioxidants and contain terpenes directly from an Indica-genetics plant.

4. Happy Apple Cannabis-Infused Apple Cider

  • Potency: 50 or 100mg of THC per 12-ounce bottle
  • Type: Hybrid

Washington is kind of known for its apples, so, naturally, the Happy Apple Cannabis-Infused Apple Cider must be on the list of the best cannabis drinks in the state. This pick from Happy Apple is like a happy WA afternoon in a bottle, and the drink is actually made with Washington apples. The addition of emulsified cannabis means each is packed with your choice of either 50 or 100mg of THC.

5. Evergreen Herbal Blaze Soda – Orange Cream Pie

  • Potency: 100mg of THC per 6.3-ounce bottle
  • Type: Hybrid

Find your way to familiar refreshment with all the THC you could ask for with this Orange Cream Pie Blaze Soda made by Evergreen Herbal. This flavorful beverage is made with pure cane sugar and a clean cannabis distillate. And, the fizzy soda is just like you probably remember from back in the day. The 100mg potency is a top choice because only a few sips are all you need to take you where you want to be.

6. Mobius Blueberry THC Beverage

  • Potency: 100mg of THC per 8.5-ounce bottle
  • Type: Hybrid

The Mobius Blueberry THC Beverage boasts a fresh berry flavor just as you would expect from sun-ripened blueberries plucked from the vine. This drink tastes amazing on its own, but the high potency also makes it possible to use the cannabis-infused drink to make your own drink recipes and mocktails infused with THC.

7. Wildside Lemon Berry Energy Shot

Potency: 100mg of THC, and 40mg of caffeine in a 2-ounce shot

Type: Sativa

When you bring together THC and a dose of caffeine, something elevated happens. And, there’s no better way to experience this for yourself than with a Wildside Lemon Berry Energy Shot from Green Revolution. These little shot-sized bottles of liquid taste like bold lemons and berries, and the uplifted experience is something to appreciate.

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