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Top 5 Best Edibles in Washington State 2023

On the hunt for the best edibles in Washington? Regardless of how you prefer to eat your cannabinoids, you best believe Washington State has just the product that you want. WA happens to be home to some of the highest-regarded names in cannabis edibles. In fact, making a list of the top-of-the-line can be quite difficult with so many great options. Nevertheless, below is a look at what we consider to be some of the best marijuana edibles in Washington State.

Edibles in Washington

Best Marijuana Edibles in Washington State

1. Emerald Mountain Chocolate Candies

Want the best chocolate edibles in Washington State? Grab a bag of Emerald Mountain chocolate candies, and you won’t be disappointed. These chocolate candies are melt-in-your-mouth tasty with flavors like White Chocolate Raspberry and Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate. And, candy offers a pre-measured dose of THC, so there’s no breaking a bar or guesswork involved. Emerald Mountain offers THC-only chocolates, as well as chocolates with cannabinoid combinations.

2. Binske Gummies

When it comes to the best marijuana edibles in Washington State, you have to mention Binske gummies. Binske gummies are crafted to high standards in terms of ingredients, flavor, and reliable dosing. As an added bonus, the gummies are also vegan-friendly. A few top flavors include Mixed Berry, Tangerine 1:1 THC and CBD, and Blackberry Lemon.

3. Green Revolution Wild Side Shots

Green Revolution is one of the biggest names in cannabis edibles in Washington. However, one of the latest additions—Wild Side Shots—could be named one of the most requested. These shot-sized weed drinks come in yummy flavors like Lemon Orange, Raspberry, and Lemonade. Much like other edibles from Green Revolution, Wild Side shots are made with minor and major cannabinoids, offer unique cannabinoid combinations, and are formulated to cater to certain experiential preferences.

4. Skuared Edibles

If you’re all about confectionary treats infused with cannabis, Skuared offers some of the best edibles in Washington to consider. Skuared offers a full lineup of delicious bite-sized treats infused with cannabis, including Chocolate Peanut Butter squares, Coconut Delight squares, and PB&J Raspberry 5:1 THC squares. A top choice in the collection is easily Raspberry Cheesecake squares with a 2:1 ratio of THC to CBD.

5. Lush Jelly Chews

Lush Jelly Chews are made with organic cane sugar, they’re gluten-free and vegan-friendly, and they taste amazing. Each of the jelly chews in the Lush line is modeled after either Sativa, Indica, or hybrid cannabis and comes in flavors like Mixed Berries and Hawaiian Mix. Lush even offers a Sour Blue Raspberry 1:1 THC and CBD option for those looking for a more therapeutic edible experience.

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