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4/20 Fair

The 4/20 Fair is the only event of this kind in Kitsap County. 

April 20th from 12:00-6:00pm

Free Entry – Adults 21+ Only

Event Hosted by the 420 Annex

Come enjoy live performances, food, drinks, free games, prizes, and all sorts of other fun 4/20 themed activities.  More details will be released closer to the event.  Check out our performers, games, sales, and food options below.

Live Performances From:

Double B and Laces

Cashing in Karma

Saint John and the Revelations

DJ Turtle Dove

Jordy Mulatto


Big 4/20 Sales:

$15/1g Silica Concentrate

$2.10/10mg Silica Chocolates ($4.20/20mg)

$22/3.5g Buddy Boy Flower (Select Strains)

$6/1.5g THC-Express Joint

$3/10mg Honu Edibles- Orange Cream or Cookies N Cream


4/20 Fair Games:

Cornhole run by Sitka

Turtle Races run by Honu

Fishing Game run by Sweet As

Pin the Tail on Tommy Chong run by Rogue Raven

Giant Plinko run by Stone Supply

Balloon Pop run by Silica



Cotton Candy from Dama

Hot Dogs, Chips, Sodas, & Brownies from Hazy Daze



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