New Products: Honu, Suspended Brands, & Lano Farms

We recently started carrying products from our newest grower, Honu; we also just got fresh shipments of Lano Farms and Suspended Brands Products.  Please see the menu for full products details.

Honu: 1G/$11

Flower: WIFI and Strawberry Cough

Lano Farms: 1G/$7; 3.5G/$23; 7G/$45

Flower: LA Woman, Super Lemon Haze, Amazar, Bubblegum, and Incredible Hulk

Suspended Brands: 1G/$14; 3.5G/$40; 7G/$77

Flower:  Ghost Train Haze, Citrix, Blue Dream, Cannatonic, Raskal Fire, Incredible Lemon Haze, Moonwreck, Purple Arrow, Sin Mint, Skywalker, and Night Train

Joints: CBDiesel, Juicy, Kracken, Incredible lemon Haze, Super Skunk, Grape Ape

.5G Frosted Flakes Vape Cartridge for $38

.5G Bare Naked Oil (Pure THC Distillate) for $44


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