New High CBD Products!

Our CBD products fly off the shelves quickly, come get them while the last!

Farmer J’s-  

  • Harlequin Prerolled Joints THC: 6.70% CBD: 9.40%

Outback Buds-

  • CBDiesel Prerolled Jonts THC: 5.95% CBD: 13.28%

Baked Botanicals-

  • Single CBD Dark Chocolate and CBD Milk Chocolate Candy (10mg CBD)

  • 10pk CBD Dark Chocolate and CBD Milk Chocolate Candy (10mg CBD)

Hazy Daze-

  • Brownies and Coconut Almond Treats THC: 10mg CBD: 18mg

  • 2G Charlotte’s Web THC: 0.61% CBD: 11.84%


  • 3.5G Cannatonic THC: 3.73% CBD: 10.02%

  • 7G Cannatonic THC: 5.47% CBD: 12.44%


  • CBD Capsules 10pk (THC: 2mg CBD: 10mg/serving)

Northwest Cannabis Solutions-

  • EZ Vape AC/DC THC: 8.9% CBD 59.8% 400mg


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