Bremerton First Friday Art Walk

There’s an upcoming event you cannot miss. It is the Bremerton First Friday art walk. Every first Friday of the month, Bremerton’s Art District in Downtown Bremerton comes alive! People from all walks of life come out to enjoy this community event that showcases the thriving art scene in Bremerton. Best of all, it’s free!

If this will be your first time attending, we’ve put together a quick snapshot of what the event is all about, its location, and the major participating businesses. Look for the link to a map below to plan your art walk Bremerton adventures.

Bremerton Art Walk

What Is the Bremerton First Friday Art Walk?

Bremerton, Washington, is home to one of the largest and most diverse official fine arts districts in the northwest. The Bremerton First Friday Art Walk is a community event held every first Friday of the month. The main attraction is a showcase of Bremerton’s local fine art and creative talents from the city’s growing art scene.

Experience art and music whilst mingling with art lovers, connoisseurs, fine artists, musicians, and the art-curious. Feast your eyes on fine arts, sculptures, ceramics, and other creations.

A Variety of Businesses and Attractions

Discover your future favorite fine arts gallery, local eateries, and retail shops all in one place. Visitors will get a chance to interact with local businesses, artists sharing their work, and musicians. This and more while enjoying live music and refreshments. Here’s a glance at the participating businesses and exciting upcoming attractions:


  • Restaurants
  • Fine Art Galleries
  • Museums
  • Performing Art Stages


  • Cinemas
  • Arcades
  • Retail Shopping
  • Local Art
  • Live music

Where Is the Bremerton First Friday Art Walk?

First Friday Art Walk is held in Bremerton’s Art District. The central location is on 4th Street and Pacific Avenue. The event extends to Callow and Manette (across the bridge), and Sheridan at Lebo Boulevard & Clare Avenue. First Fridays start from 5pm–8pm. Rain or shine. Stroll through the streets of Bremerton’s Art District and enjoy everything this FREE event has to offer.

Which Businesses Participate in Bremerton Art Walk?

Featured businesses participate in the event throughout the year. Some function as art walk hosts for musicians and artists. Below are only a few of the establishments you’ll see at the art walk Bremerton residents flock to on First Fridays.

  • Collective Visions Gallery
  • Admiral Theater
  • Kitsap Historical Society & Museum
  • Cups Expresso & Cafe
  • The Game Wizard Blue Sky Hobbies
  • Ridgeline Brewing
  • Bremerton Mercantile

Use the map below to plan your walkabout, find host business, sightsee, and more!

Bremerton Arts District First Friday Art Walk

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