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Is Your High Tolerance Keeping You Down?

Most marijuana users have hit a point in their life where their tolerance level has kept them feeling grounded.  If you’re at that level right now, my first suggestion is to take a little break from using marijuana, or at least cut down for a few days to diminish your tolerance level.  If that answer is unacceptable, you can try eating food such as mangoes which increase the amount of THC that’s able to cross the blood/brain barrier.


If you’re not going to chew up a mouthful of mangoes and let it sit in your mouth for a few minutes, you can always try some of the more concentrated products that we offer.  Wax, shatter, and oil are easily 3-4 times as strong as most flower.  Taking a small portion of concentrates and putting it on top of a bowl of flower is an easy way to amplify the potency enough to give you the effects you desired.  This method is not nearly as effective as dabbing the concentrates but should still hit you pretty hard.

Eating edibles is another great alternative or addition to smoking flower.  Eating edibles results in the formation of 11-hydroxy-THC, which has stronger and longer lasting psychoactive effects than those of delta(9)-THC, the form of THC we get from smoking. 

Tinctures and some hard candies can give you two different effects, depending on whether you swallow them or allow them to dissolve in your mouth.  If you allow the candy to dissolve in your mouth or if you use the tincture sublingually, the effects will be similar to if you had smoked.  If you swallow the candy or drink the tincture down and don’t allow it time to absorb in your mouth, you will feel the effects of the 11-hydroxy-THC similar to eating edibles.

If none of that information helps you get back off the ground, you can always try some good ‘ol bro-science and just hold the smoke in longer and cough harder…

At Destination HWY 420, we have products for ever level of user; just swing on by and let us help you find a product that will work well for you and the activities you have planned.  Below, you will find some pictures of some of our stronger products.  If you’d like to see the full menu with prices and additional details, go here.

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