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What Is Live Resin?

Concentrates are still a fairly new product in the marijuana industry that many long time users are still unfamiliar with.  Waxes, shatter, oils, butter, crumble, live resin, pure THC distillate, etc. are just a few of the names for the variety of concentrates that are currently available to consumers.  Live resin has been gaining popularity as of late due to its high percentage of terpenes; more terps means more taste, stronger scent, and sometimes stronger psychedelic effects.

Live resin was appropriately named as such because many producers use freshly harvested buds to create it. During the drying process, upwards of 50%-60% of a plant’s terpene content can evaporate away, leaving the bud with a lackluster flavor/scent profile.  Freshly harvested buds tend to have a high moisture content, this moisture is extracted alongside the THC and terpenes.  By processing freshly harvested buds, the resulting live resin sometimes has more of an oily, liquid viscosity to it than most other forms of concentrate.  Sometimes the live resin can be so liquidy that you need a dab tool with a shovel end to be able to scoop it up.  When done properly, live resin can easily have well above 10% terpene content, sometimes into the 20% range.  Most other marijuana concentrates typically range between 2%-5% total terpene content.  If you’re looking for a product with a great flavor profile, terpene rich live resin might be the product for you.

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