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The Sitka team will be visiting us this Wednesday for a Meet & Greet. This is a perfect time for you to try out some of their premium authentic cannabis products, such as their Lebanese Hash, Solventless Rosin, and Infused Prerolled Joints. 

Sitka works very hard to produce the flavor, aroma, effects, and appearance of authentic Middle Eastern style hashish.  The meticulous care given to Sitka products in each step of the process yields some of Washington State’s most sought after cannabis products. 

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Lebanese Gold and Lebanese Red Hashish

Sitka’s Lebanese Gold and Lebanese Red hash are created through drift sifting processes instead of using solvents such as butane, propane, ice, or anything else that may effect the properties of the end product. 

Dry sift hash is an artisan quality marijuana concentrate that has an unadulterated terpene profile, an exact match to the strain(s) from which it was created. 

Dry sift hash is created by rubbing dried marijuana flower against screens with tiny holes in them; this process is repeated several times using screens with smaller and smaller holes.  The dry sifting process separates the trichomes from marijuana flower and other plant matter.  Each successive run removes more and more plant particles that are not rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, such as the leaves and stems.  After several runs through the screens, the final product is made up of almost entirely trichomes, the crystal-like growths on marijuana flower and leaves that are rich in terpenes and cannabinoids.  Sitka’s dry sift hash is a great buy for any cannoisseur looking for a strong product with unadulterated flavor.

Sitka produces some all-around great joints, and if you want something that packs a heavier punch than regular flower, you should definitely try out some of their infused joints.  Sitka uses their hash and Co2 oil to make some powerful infused joints that might make you melt in your couch.

Videos from Sitka’s last Meet & Greet at Destination HWY 420:

If you’ve never tried Sitka products, come visit us in East Bremerton this Wednesday and chat with the Sitka team.  If you’re looking for a great marijuana product that are classy enough to brag to your friends about, Sitka has you covered.  (Check out their Sikarillo!)

We hope to see you all soon!

According to a 2015 Dope Magazine product review for Sitka Brands Lebanese Gold Hash:

(Reference Link: Dope Magazine)


A strong fragrance of lemon is immediately noticeable. The blonde hashish has a much brighter scent, perfumed with the blossoms of citrus trees, while the red is earthier, with a complex body of fertile soil and spicy herbs. A subtle lavender quality slips in after a couple big whiffs, ending the experience on a floral note.


The thick, rich smoke is layered with sweet lemon, incense, and spices. It has the classic hash taste that proves this stuff is authentic, hand-made goodness rather than the over-heated pressed kief that is routinely passed off as hashish in the states. There are slight hints of chocolate as well as hazelnut making for a tasty treat.


Sitka’s Lebanese Gold is cheerful and upbeat with a calming feeling of overall comfort. With its heady euphoria and stimulating energy, it’s easy to see why this type of hashish has gained such high favor throughout Europe. The Leb-Red is much more narcotic and generally contains more THC, producing a heavily sedative bodily relaxation.

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