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To Our Valued Customers, Supporters, Families, and Friends

Dear Customers, Supporters, Families, and Friends,

“Destination Hwy 420” is almost ready to open its doors to the public.  We expect to open sometime between August 19-22 2015. 

As we near our stores opening, we realize that we haven’t heard much perspective from our future customers.  Please answer some or all of the following questions, this will help us determine how to best serve our customer’s desires.

  1. What is your preferred method for using marijuana (e.g. smoking joints, dabs, tinctures, etc.)?
  2. Do you prefer indica, sativa, or hybrid? – Why?
  3. What qualities do you look for when buying a new glass piece?
  4. What specific marijuana related items would you like to see us keep in stock?
  5. What is your favorite strain of marijuana (e.g. blue dream, sour kush, AK-47, etc.)

Stay tuned for more info!  On opening day, you can expect to find some high quality marijuana flower, dabs, joints, tincture, edibles, vape cartridges, topicals, glass pipes, bongs, and more.

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