Rogue Raven (Marijuana Topicals, Vape Cartridges, Prerolled Joints, Concentrates, Marijuana Flower) Bremerton

Rogue Raven will be at our store for a Meet & Greet this Monday, December 31st.

Come meet Rogue Raven’s team from 3-8 pm, and find out what goes into producing their award winning marijuana products. Rogue Raven is well known all across Washington State for their incredible line of marijuana flower, prerolled joints, concentrates, vape cartridges, topicals, and more. Rogue Raven has won lots of awards from some of the most competitive marijuana competitions, such as the Dope Cup. Aside from all the amazing top-shelf level cannabis products produced by Rogue Raven, they’ve also created a budget brand named “Three Trees”, to provide more affordable, yet still high quality products. Whether you’re looking for marijuana flower, joints, bath bombs, or concentrates, Rogue Raven has you covered with a ton of excellent options.

20% Off All Rogue Raven Products On 12/31/18 (New Years Eve)


Marijuana Flower/Joints

Rogue Raven grows some of our favorite strains such as Super Lemon Kush and Ewok. All of their flower is frosty, with tons of trichomes, and it’s always trimmed to aesthetic perfection. Rogue Raven offers a great line of diverse products, including landrace, popular hybrids, and exotic cannabis cultivar. Whether you’re shopping for quantity or quality, Rogue Raven is sure to please.

Rogue Raven flower usually costs $10/g, but will be $8/g for the Meet & Greet.

Rogue Raven single prerolled joints usually cost $8, but will be $6.40 for the Meet & Greet.

Volcano Fuel

Have you ever wondered what makes volcanoes erupt…? Well, the answer isn’t because of Rogue Raven’s Volcano Fuel, but your brain may experience a similar feeling to the eruption of a volcano. Volcano fuel is marijuana flower mixed with concentrates, a great option for someone looking for a potent marijuana product without having to “dab” it. The best ways to use volcano fuel is to roll it up in a joint, or smoke it out of a bowl. We currently have indica, sativa, and hybrid blends available.

Volcano Fuel usually costs $18/gram, but with the Meet & Greet discount, they’re only $14.40



Rogue Raven concentrates are always a great buy, you get top-shelf products for low prices.  Their line of concentrates range in consistency from crumble to shatter, and even diamonds; they also have a diverse range of strains available.  These concentrates have excellent flavor profiles, potent effects, and smooth vapor. Recently, everyone has been raving about their reserve line with diamonds and terp sauce. The diamonds contain extremely high levels of THC and/or CBD, and the sauce contains high terpene percentages for powerful flavors.

Rogue Raven concentrates vary in price depending on the quality, they cost anywhere from $15-$50 and they’ll all be 20% off for the Meet & Greet.


If you’re ready to have the most relaxing and euphoric night of your life, Rogue Raven has created infused bath bombs that will blow you away. These bath bombs are so good, they’ll make you feel like your melting, and you’ll want to sit in your bath tub for hours. Rogue Raven bath bombs come in a variety of scents, as well as a variety of cannabinoid ratios.

Eucalyptus Lemongrass – 40mg THC : 35mg CBD

Orange Blossom – 50mg THC

Lavender – 50mg CBD

Each cannabis infused bath bomb normally costs $15, but with the Meet & Greet discount, they will be only $12.

This Monday, we’ed love to see you all at the Meet & Greet. The Rogue Raven team has some great knowledge, and they’d love to tell you more about their products and their grow/production facility. As always, we will be shooting a video interview at the Meet & Greet, to ask them additional questions. If there’s anything else you’d like to learn about this company, please drop us a comment below, or stop by on Monday to chat with the team. Thank you all for being our Best Buds! We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Visit the Rogue Raven website here.

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