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Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Near Gorst, WA 98312

Destination HWY 420 is a recreational cannabis dispensary near Gorst, located only 15 minutes (7.7 miles) North of Gorst via WA-3 N. We proudly serve recreational cannabis customers from Gorst, WA and beyond. Get Directions.

Recreational Marijuana Weed Dispensary Bremerton, WA - Destination HWY 420

Gorst, WA 98312 (Adult-Use) Marijuana Dispensary Customers

Why Visit Our Closest Dispensary?

At Destination HWY 420, we’re proud to work closely with our customers to help you design exactly the cannabis experience that you need. We know that no two customers visiting our recreational dispensary are alike, and it’s important to our WA dispensary employees to get to know you so that they can make recommendations that will serve your life. Take a look at our online menu to find flower, pre-rolls, vapes, tinctures, edibles, concentrates, and more available for pick-up.

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Juliette G
Juliette G
September 4, 2022.
Great experience! They have a great selection, really helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to getting what you want/need. Also side note: my memory is wonky at times so when the guy kept the drawers open, for the selected products he was talking about, i was able to skim through, take my time and choose. 🙂
August 27, 2022.
They're a bike ride away. Primo service! Primo bud! What more could uou ask for?
Gage Long
Gage Long
August 16, 2022.
Staff are wonderful!!!! I’m still newer consumer for weed products. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful and was able to explain how the different strands work and what options would be the best for me. 110% recommend a visit
Mark Knighten
Mark Knighten
July 26, 2022.
Love place! Thanks Teddy!
Melissa Tucker
Melissa Tucker
July 22, 2022.
Love the friendly staff, pick up ordering option, and events! Great selection as well!
Robert Guy-Billups
Robert Guy-Billups
July 12, 2022.
I have never had a negative experience at this shop. The staff are friendly, patient, and have more often then not, given me great recommendations. They just had a FREE event and it's honestly, to me, a sign of a good company and community presence, especially when the business is able to give back to the community it serves. Great shop!

Frequently Asked Questions


We’re proud to source some of the best cannabis products in the Pacific Northwest. Since Washington was one of the first states to legalize recreational weed, it has some of the best farms and processing operations in the region. Our cannabis dispensary offers everything you need to get high, including flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, and more. Our staff can also make recommendations based on your experience and tolerance level.

Is Weed Legal in Gorst?

Yes, all recreational marijuana is legal across Washington, including Gorst and the surrounding area.

FAQs About Buying Weed From a Marijuana Dispensary Near Gorst, WA

Can I smoke or vape cannabis products in stores?

No, it’s illegal to consume or smoke any marijuana in public, including at a dispensary.

Can I transport my cannabis across state lines?

No, cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, so taking it across state lines will violate federal felony laws. While you may not get pulled over, it’s not worth the risk.

How much cannabis can I buy?

In Washington, adults 21 years or over can purchase up to one ounce of flower, 16 ounces of cannabis-infused products like edibles or concentrates, and 72 ounces of liquid.

Other Reasons to Visit Destination HWY 420 Near Gorst

We’re conveniently located in Bremerton, WA, which is close to Seattle and accessible by ferry. Here are a couple of other activities to do while you’re visiting our cannabis dispensary:

  • McCloud’s Grill House – If you appreciate a well-cooked steak, you’ll want to make the trek to McCloud’s. This no-nonsense restaurant is a perfect place to relax and hang out with friends while sipping a beer and enjoying some meat.
  • Noah’s Ark Restaurant – Bring us two of every topping! Noah’s Ark is a burger joint, meaning you can get a delicious lunch or dinner by yourself or with friends. In addition to burgers, you can get fish and chips, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, and hoagies. The restaurant has been around for 40 years, so you know it’s good.

Getting Here From Gorst

We’re conveniently located about 15 minutes north of Gorst, so just follow these directions, and you’ll be enjoying our cannabis in no time:

  • Get onto WA-3 N
  • Take the exit toward WA-304 E toward Bremerton
  • Continue onto Charleston Blvd
  • Turn right onto Burwell st
  • Turn left onto Warren Ave
  • Continue onto Wheaton Way
  • Turn right on Hollis st, and our dispensary will be on your right.

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Weed Dispensary Near Me?

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