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Kay Vibes - "Goodies"

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Kay Vibes Biography

“Born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1997; I started focusing and was very curious at around age 13/14, on how this genre sounds so good. Soon After, I just opened my laptop, put on a beat, and started writing and it helped me a lot in the long run.

Before studios, building a fan base, and stage performances; I relished a future career as an automotive service technician but if all went well in the music industry, hopefully, I could expand my criteria in production management. I got into music by being around it a lot as a child. I tried my input and turns out I was kind of okay at it with positive input from other artists, fans, friends, etc…

With that being said, I’ve built this strong passion as well as a foundation for the music business. I graduated in 2015 from Westover High School in Fayetteville, NC. I never stopped focusing on music from when I started focusing on the industry. I’m inspired by people around me, i.e. my peers, fans, and not even just big artists; I’m essentially inspired by the people trying to make it just like myself.

I believe I would be a good asset to the industry by helping others and focus on trying to better themselves while giving them time to relax, stay out of trouble and be able to have fun in their life with music. I desire recognition for me and my family as well, for my hard work; not the money, fame, or fancy things, just for the people to see what I’m capable of… I plan to help the upcoming talent of my city, to work hard and make it where I’m trying to be in the music business.”

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New Music Video – Kay Vibes “Goodies”

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Kay Vibes is a local artist working right out of Bremerton, WA. Kay’s music has been quickly growing in popularity to the point where out-of-state venues, promoters, and organizers have been booking him for shows across the country. Kay has performed multiple shows in North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, and all the way down to Florida.

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