Coronavirus Updates


We have resumed our normal business hours:

Sun-Thurs: 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Fri-Sat: 8:00 AM – 11:30 PM


Customer Bio-Safety Protocols:

  • We are requesting that all of our visitors use hand sanitizer upon entering to our building.

  • Our printed menus are now being displayed in-full on tables on the sales floor. We are doing this so that no one has to touch the menus to flip through the pages.

  • We are not allowing anyone (other than the Budtenders) to touch or handle any of the products before purchase.

  • We do not have access to a public restroom.

  • We have set-up a barrier in front of our display cases to create a 6’+ distance between customers and staff, until time of purchase.

  • We are limiting our building capacity to ensure that no more than 10 people are in the store at any given time.

  • We encourage social distancing while inside our building.

Employee Bio-Safety Protocols:

  • All of our Staff are required to frequently wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer.

  • All of our Staff are required to wear sterile gloves throughout the entirety of their shift.

  • We are conducting cleaning cycles all day long which include wiping our counters, door handles, and other frequently touched surfaces with cleaning/disinfecting wipes.

  • If any of our Staff begins experiencing any of the Coronavirus symptoms, we are giving them sick leave.

  • We are leaving our doors and windows propped open as much as possible to allow the air to flow more freely from outside.


*Now available to all Customers 21+ or with Medical Marijuana Recognition Cards.

How To Place An Order For Curbside Pick-Up

1.      Visit:

2.      Once on the homepage of our website, click on the green button that says “ORDER ONLINE NOW!”

3.      Once on our online menu, click on the green button at the top of the page that says “Start Online Order”

4.      After you’ve finished placing your online order, come to our business and park in our parking lot in the spaces designated for “Curbside Pick-Up”.

5.      Once you’re in our parking lot, give us a call and let us know that you’ve arrived and that you’re ready for your curbside pick-up.

Phone Number: (360)-627-8754

6.      After receiving your call, we will send one of our Budtenders outside to check your IDs and collect your cash payment.  All occupants of the vehicle must be 21+ or have a Medical Marijuana Recognition Card.

7.      For Medical Marijuana Recognition Card Holders, we will collect your card and bring it into our store to verify it in the Health Dept. database.

8.      After you’ve been verified and your items have been purchased, we will bring your recognition card, change, receipt, and products back out to your vehicle.


We have temporarily increased our online ordering discount to encourage all of our customers to place an online order, so that we can limit the amount of people in our store.

Online Ordering Discount: 15% Off Everything

Online Ordering Discount (On Previously Discounted Items): Stackable 5% Off Everything

Other than the store updates listed above, we are doing our best to continue operating our business as normal. For the most up-to-date info, please call our store and speak to someone on our Team.

If you have any suggestions for things you think we can do to improve our Bio-Safety Protocols, send us an email, we would love to hear your ideas. 

Thank you very much for being one of our Best Buds!

-Team Destination HWY 420

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