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Stingers Pre-Rolls

Stingers is a line of live resin pre-rolls that use single cannabis strains and no additives or fillers. For the uninitiated, a live resin preroll is one that infuses regular cannabis with a live resin concentrate. The result is a smoother smoking experience that also ramps up the potency without making it too overwhelming.

Stingers Pre-Rolls:

Product Specs

How Potent are Stingers Strains?

Regular stingers pre-rolls range from mild to moderate potency, depending on the strain used. You can find Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains available to suit your needs.

You can also find Super Stingers that have a much higher concentration of THC if you’re either an experienced smoker or just want a bigger kick out of your pre-roll.

Who Makes Stingers Cannabis?

Stingers are one product made by Gravity Cannabis, a local farm in Washington state. Although Gravity Cannabis grows its own flowers, it doesn’t sell them as buds. Instead, the company only makes pre-rolls, blunts, and vapor cartridges. Despite the relatively limited product selection, most users report that Stingers are some of the best pre-rolls they’ve encountered.

Stingers Live Resin Pre-Rolls Review

One of the primary issues with pre-rolls is that it’s hard to tell what you’re getting inside. When you buy a flower bud, you can tell if it’s good or not based on how it looks, smells, and feels. With a pre-roll, a lot of that sensory experience is lost, which is why low-level dispensaries put lesser strains into them.

Fortunately, Gravity Cannabis takes pride in its work, and it ensures you get the best smoking experience by infusing the flower with live resin. This marriage of ingredients delivers a more potent punch that stays on your mind for a long while.

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Stingers are available in multiple forms (Super Stinger, Stinger Bud, Regular Stinger) at dispensaries across Washington. Because Gravity Cannabis has built a solid reputation, many people ask for Stingers by name.

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Finding the best dispensary is a huge deal, much like getting a butcher in olden times. We pride ourselves on providing a vast selection of high-quality cannabis, including Stingers pre-rolls and vapor concentrates. Visit us today and see the Destination HWY 420 difference for yourself.

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