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Mary Jones Sodas

Mary Jones Sodas are cannabis-infused beverages made with a variety of flavors designed to stimulate the palette and spirit. Mary Jones Sodas, part of the Seattle, Washington-based Jones Soda beverage company, was first marketed as a craft beverage made with cane sugar in 1996. Its THC soda is a variation of the company’s beverages infused with hemp derived delta-9 THC.

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Mary Jones . These things are going to take over.

AWM83 Review via Reddit

Crisp and refreshing with each sip, like biting into a fresh Granny Smith apple. Not too sweet, with a definite green apple twang, this was my favorite of the 10 mg sodas


Tried the Berry Lemonade bc that’s already my favorite flavor. I’d previously tried & posted the MF Grape flavor. It was good. The Berry Lemonade flavor is soooooo bomb!! 10/10. I can’t wait to try the Green Apple. The Berry Lemonade is kinda sour. It’s absolutely amazing. Worth the $22 a can.

Milqy Review via Reddit

Mary Jones Sodas:

Product Specs

The Mary Jones Sodas THC drinks come in a variety of flavors. The cannabis-infused beverages are available as 10 mg cannabis-infused 12-ounce bottles, 100 mg cannabis-infused 16-ounce cans and 100 mg cannabis infused syrups.

  • Orange & Cream: A fusion of juicy, sun-kissed oranges and silky cream, creating a dreamy, indulgent flavor; available in bottle, can, syrup.
  • Berry Lemonade: Tangy sweetness of ripe berries with smooth, classic lemonade; available in bottle, can, syrup
  • Green Apple: Crisp, refreshing journey, blending the tartness of fresh green apples with a smooth, delightful finish; available in bottle, can, syrup
  • Root Beer: Rebellious take on the traditional, infused with an incredibly flavorful, nostalgic taste that defies the ordinary; available in bottle, can, syrup
  • Cola: A tribute to the tradition with a little more of a kick; available in bottle and can
  • MF Grape: An adult version of your favorite childhood drink; available in bottle and can

Mary Jones Sodas FAQs

Who owns Mary Jones Sodas?

Mary Jones sodas are made by Jones Soda Co., a leading craft soda manufacturer with a subsidiary dedicated to cannabis products. The company markets and distributes premium craft sodas under the Jones Soda brand, and a variety of cannabis products under the Mary Jones brand.

What is different about Mary Jones Sodas products?

Mary Jones was the first non-alcoholic brand to crossover into cannabis with its 2022 debut in California. It is the top ranked seller in the cannabis-infused carbonated beverage category in its formats, where it is carried in more than 350 dispensaries. Jones Soda Co. plans to expand into more markets. The brand was also named Best Cannabis Soda and twice Gold Medal winner of the 2023 High Spirits Awards.

Mary Jones Sodas Product Reviews

Mary Jones Sodas products received high marks for its flavor and balance as a craft soda infused with THC. The weed soda presents a unique combination of fruit and craft beverage flavors that enhances taste. The soda’s potency also received great reviews, with a calming, mild effect packed inside a soda bursting with flavor.

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Mary Jones Sodas cannabis products are sold at hundreds of dispensaries in various states, including in Bremerton at Destination Hwy 420.

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