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Ready to check out all that the Mama J’s cannabis brand has to offer? At Destination HWY 420, we’re here to meet all of your cannabis needs, and we’re excited to help you get to know the Mama J’s product line. Whether you’re looking for a heady high or something that helps you chill out before you go to bed, you’ll love the high-quality products offered by Mama J’s.

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Jonathan Olsen-Kozoil Review via Respect my Region

Mama J's is top shelf cannabis.

Joey Spillz Review via Youtube

Tasted like fruit from the first hit to the last. The high was uplifting and cerebral.

w-REC-ked Review via Marijuana Mistress

Mama J's:

Product Specs

Mama J’s weed products may be exactly what you’re looking for to get the high that you want, whether you’re in search of the perfect Mama J’s preroll or you’re looking for Mama J’s concentrates. We’re excited to help you get to know all that Mama J’s has to offer.

Within the Mama J’s marijuana family of products, you’re likely to find everything you need. Strains offered by Mama J’s include:

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly: Looking for the right strain to help you kick back while you socialize? The PB&J strain from Mama J’s offers a high that will leave you feeling both relaxed and energetic, allowing your personality to shine through while you’re also able to chill out and unwind. You’ll love the calm and happy high that doesn’t leave you feeling like it’s time for a nap.
  • BHO Cherry Dosidos: Socializing can be great, but sometimes, you want a hit of THC that lets you easily drift off to dreamland. BHO Cherry Dosidos can be the perfect way for you to chill at the end of the day, leaving you feeling sleepy and relaxed as you wind down in the evening.
  • BHO Hidden Pastry: Feeling like you could use a bit of a pick me up? BHO Hidden Pastry can be a great way to ease anxiety and get the lift you need. With a calm and happy high, BHO Hidden Pastry has a THC content of just 25%, allowing you to enjoy a mellow buzz without getting too lost in your thoughts.

How strong are Mama J’s products?

You’ll want to keep an eye on the THC content of your Mama J’s products, as they vary widely. Whether you’re looking for a high THC content that will let you chill out in bliss or a low THC content that can help you keep nervousness at bay, you’ll be able to find something that will help you in the Mama J’s family of products.

If you’re new to the world of cannabis products, be sure to chat with one of our employees about how we can help you choose the right strength. Over time, we’ll be able to gauge your reaction to your cannabis products and increase the strength if necessary.

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Searching for the right place to get the Mama J’s Washington that you love? We’ve got you covered. Stop by Destination HWY 420 today.

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At Destination HWY 420, we’re here to meet all of your cannabis needs, whether you’re looking for an edible, concentrate, or a pre-rolled joint to help you take the edge off after a long day at work. Stop by today to chat with one of our friendly employees about which of our products are the right fit to fulfill your Mama J’s weed needs.

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