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K Savage

K Savage is a cannabis brand based in Tacoma, Washington, known for producing quality strains and artisanal cannabis flower and pre-rolls. In addition to growing and cultivating K Savage strains, the company partners with The Last Prisoner Project to advocate on behalf of those convicted of cannabis-related crimes and to assist them in improving their lives.

K Savage

Product Specs

K Savage cannabis consists of a product line that includes:

  • Angela: Triangle Kush x Tangie, Sativa
  • Apple Fritter: Sour Apple x Animal Cookies, Indica
  • Baby Yoda: Khalifa Kush x The Menthol, Hybrid
  • Bacio Oreoz: Oreoz x Bacio Gelato, Indica
  • Carbon Fiber: Cookies N’ Cream x Grape Pie x Biscotti, Indica
  • Egg Roll: Chem D x Biscotti, Indica
  • Gelonade: Lemonade x Gelato 41, Sativa
  • Gelato: Thin Mint GSC x Sherbert, Hybrid
  • GMO: Chemdawg x GSC, Indica
  • Horchata: Jet Fuel Gelato x Mochi Gelato, Hybrid
  • I-95 Cookies: I-95 x GSC, Indica
  • Kush Mints: Animal Mints x Bubba Kush, Indica
  • Lilac Wine: Oreoz x Gelato 25 (Guava Gelato), Indica
  • Permanent Marker: (Biscotti x Jealousy) x Sherb BX, Hybrid

K Savage FAQs

What is different about K Savage?

K Savage produces craft cannabis, earning a reputation as a designer weed brand that consistently delivers high-caliber products by ensuring a superior leisure experience for its customers. K Savage weed is known for its potency and consistent cannabis experience. K Savage focuses on quality, working with some of the best breeders in cannabis to produce high-end products.

Who owns K Savage?

Minglewood Brands, which owns K Savage, is a cannabis producer and distributor. Minglewood Brands focuses on providing superior customer service and high-quality through its different brands, offering exclusive, pesticide-free cannabis delivered on time. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between the honest farmer and the fast-paced dynamic cannabis industry. In the five years since Minglewood Brands was established, the cannabis company has evolved into a thriving and profitable sales and distribution enterprise. In addition to K Savage, Minglewood Brands also owns High Tide, PLUGPlay and other sought-after brands.

K Savage Reviews

K Savage is praised for its top shelf cannabis, with positive reviews for potency and consistency, in addition to its creative cross-breeding efforts that bring together some favorite strains. K Savage flower and pre-rolls are often referred to as some of the best cannabis available in Washington state. Reviewers often call out their favorite K Savage strains (including Angela and Lilac Wine), recounting their unique flavor and aroma, and their impressive effects.

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Where to Buy K Savage Products in Washington

K Savage products are sold at Destination Hwy 420 in Bremerton, Washington, a locally-owned and operated dispensary that values serving the community.

Buy K Savage products at Destination Hwy 420

With a mission to be the best cannabis dispensary in Washington, Destination Hwy 420 is dedicated to offering the highest quality products, experience and service to customers. It specializes in showcasing Washington’s best cannabis growers and cultivators, including its flower and pre-rolls.

Address1225 Hollis St, Bremerton, WA 98310
Hours: Open daily at 8AM
Phone(360) 627-8754

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