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High Tide Cannabis

The High Tide Cannabis Company is a cannabis cultivator based in Tacoma, Washington that began operating in 2018. High Tide specializes in growing and breeding top shelf cannabis products, including flower, concentrates and extracts made from the finest, handpicked plants.

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Gassy fuelled aroma, you can smell it through a door. When smoked in a bong, you feel warm faced and accompanied towards your high, floating in one of the best Indica Strains out there in my opinion.

J........r Review via Leafly

One [Gelato #45] of my Top favs. Awesome full bodied smoke, luscious taste, great sexual stimulation, stress reliever and sleep aid. Must try for veteran conneisurs.

B........C Review via Leafly

This stuff is amazing - perfect for social settings but it's also super chill. Has an ice creamy flavor that I can't get enough of. 10/10 would recommend.

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High Tide Cannabis:

Product Specs

High Tide Cannabis consists of a product line that includes:

  • Flower
    • Animal Tree: Lemon Tree X Animal Mints BX1, Sativa
    • Black Maple 22: Dulce De Uva X Sherbanger, Hybrid
    • Eternity: Runtz X Bebesita, Hybrid
    • Gumi: Jelly Zonuts X Zoda, Hybrid
    • Milk Bath: Cereal Milk X Bebesita, Indica
    • Pink Runtz: Zkittles X Gelato, Hybrid
    • Sprungalung: Dyor X Bebesita, Hybrid
    • Unicorn Factory: Unicorn Poop X Runtz, Hybrid
    • Yellow Mermaid 13: Yellow Zushi X Bebesita, Hybrid
    • Zoap: Rainbow Sherb #16 X Rainbow Sherb, Hybrid
  • Concentrates
  • Extracts
    • Cured Sauce
    • Live Resin Sauce
    • Live Rosin
    • Live Resin Vape Cartridges

High Tide Cannabis FAQs

What is different about High Tide Cannabis?

High Tide Cannabis boasts that it is a weed company founded by pot snobs for pot snobs. From exclusive clones to unique seed selections, High Tide Cannabis works to please the most discerning cannabis consumer. The company operates a grow facility that uses state-of-the-art technology to help its processes. The company’s state-of-the-art extraction techniques create concentrates that capture the essence of the plant in every drop. Its concentrates are pesticide-free and lab tested, ensuring a pure and untainted experience for consumers.

Who owns High Tide Cannabis?

Minglewood Brands, which owns High Tide Cannabis, is a cannabis producer and distributor. Minglewood Brands focuses on providing superior customer service and high-quality through its different brands, offering exclusive, pesticide-free cannabis. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between the honest farmer and the fast-paced dynamic cannabis industry. In the five years since Minglewood Brands was established, the cannabis company has evolved into a thriving and profitable sales and distribution enterprise. In addition to High Tide, Minglewood Brands also owns K Savage, PLUGPlay and other popular brands.

High Tide Cannabis Reviews

High Tide Cannabis reviewers often note that it is sold at a higher price point than other cannabis brands, but they also point out that the price is well worth the product. High Tide weed receives high marks for its potency, flavor and aroma, in addition to its creative cross-breeding methods that are used to produce unique strains. The company’s packaging also receives notable comments from customers who appreciate the signature fisherman on a nautical style display in various container sizes.

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Where to Buy High Tide Cannabis Products Near Me in Washington

High Tide Cannabis products are sold at Destination Hwy 420 in Bremerton, Washington, a locally-owned and operated dispensary that values serving its community.

Buy High Tide Cannabis products at Destination Hwy 420

With a mission to be the best cannabis dispensary in Washington, Destination Hwy 420 is dedicated to offering the highest quality products, experience and service to customers. It specializes in showcasing Washington’s best cannabis growers and cultivators, including High Tide.

Address1225 Hollis St, Bremerton, WA 98310
Hours: Open daily at 8AM
Phone(360) 627-8754

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