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Growing Like a Weed

Growing Like a Weed, also known as GLW, is a Washington-based i502 Tier 2 producer and processor of cannabis products. Established in 2014 by local craftsmen who are experienced in cannabis cultivation and processing, the team is committed to producing the highest quality cannabis products in the market. The company produces top shelf flower, bud-bits, pre-rolled joints and concentrates. The owners have worked in the Spokane and Washington state market and have developed an understanding of the quality that consumers expect.

Growing Like a Weed:

Product Specs

Growing Like a Weed offers a variety of cannabis strains in its flower, including:


  • Poison Toad: An excellent cross of Durban Poison that will get you up and moving, Sativa
  • Fruit Loops: Typically an indica-dominate cross, GLW’s fruit loops are uplifting in the high, with a tasty, sweet flavor profile, Sativa
  • Silvertip: The indica smokers sativa, Silvertip is super mellow and super awesome, Sativa
  • Pudding: A sativa dominant cross of Starkiller and Girl Scout Cookies, Hybrid
  • Pineapple Dream: A nicely balanced strain with pineapple and diesel flavor notes, Hybrid
  • Rose: The tasty result of Cherry Pie and Granddaddy Purple, Indica
  • Black Jesus OG: Super stoney strain with a heavenly high, Indica
  • True OG: Bred from OG Kush genetics, True OG is a classic for a reason


  • Full gram joints made with 100% flower and full of flavor.


  • Produced under the Black Market label.

Growing Like a Weed FAQs

What is different about Growing Like a Weed?

Growing Like a Weed proudly employs an organic zero pesticides approach to cannabis cultivation. This is part of the company’s commitment to creating a culture of clean, safe, and flavorful cannabis products for consumption. The owners believe that essential oils and chemical pesticides can alter the DNA of the cannabis plant, effecting future generations. Given the lack of substantial information regarding the long-term effects of smokable or vapable products containing pesticides, the company decided to grow and process cannabis with them. They also produce their own nutrient-rich growing soil, using organic practices. The flower at Growing Like a Weed is grown indoors and is hand trimmed.

Growing Like a Weed Product Reviews

Growing Like a Weed’s flower receives good reviews for tightly trimmed, dense buds, bright green flower and great potency. The buds are not dry, holding together well when ground. The flower’s taste and smell also received praise as herbal, fresh and sweet. Potency also won good reviews for consistency and long-lasting.

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Where to Buy Growing Like a Weed Products Near Me in Washington

Growing Like a Weed products are sold in Washington, including in Bremerton WA at Destination Hwy 420.

Buy Growing Like a Weed Products at Destination HWY 420

With a mission to be the best cannabis dispensary in Washington, Destination Hwy 420 is dedicated to offering the highest quality products, experience and service to customers. That’s why we offer our customers products like Growing Like a Weed.

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