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Fire Bros.

Fire Bros Cannabis is a small indoor farm situated in the Seattle area. The company was started by two friends who all shared a passion for weed and wanted to grow and cultivate the best plants possible. Because Washington has a relatively cold and rainy climate, the farm had to be indoors to ensure quality and consistency.

The company has been growing and mixing strains for over 15 years, and it has become one of the top purveyors of fine cannabis in Washington.

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Tried a new grower for me and was very pleased. Dark green and bright orange hairs. Nice gassy smell and a strong high. Even after a few weeks it’s still very fresh.

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Such a stimulating yet calming strain this Double Dare is. Initial hits will have you feel like it’s purely an indica, leaving you second-guessing if it’s truly a hybrid. Suddenly a surge of energy, and alertness ensues that lingers for hours after. Definitely a mood-booster with a great balance of a relaxed body high.

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Incredible a Sativa feel based on an Indica source, made me realize that there's a lot more to explore

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Fire Bros.:

Product Specs

This brand focuses on two primary products – flowers and concentrates. Here’s a quick overview of each:

  • Fire Bros Strains – As a relatively small operation, Fire Bros has to put all of its proverbial farming eggs in one basket. Each strain is potent and packs a punch without overwhelming the senses. You can find buds and pre-rolls to accommodate your specific needs. Fire Bros offer Indica, Sativa, and hybrid varieties.
  • Fire Bros Wax – Cannabis concentrate has become far more popular in recent years because of its stability and potency. Fire Bros takes great pride in producing some of the finest wax in the Pacific Northwest. Since they start with the best plants, they get the best concentrates.

Fire Bros Cannabis Review

Most cannabis companies fall into two categories – there are the “high-end” brands that take cannabis seriously and then the “low-brow” ones that draw a lot of inspiration from the flower’s “hippie” roots.

Fire Bros is kind of a mix of the two. It’s evident that the founders and employees like to have fun (as evidenced by the names of their strains), but they’re also so good at producing high-quality buds. The brand is also active on social media and likes to give users a peek behind the scenes of its operation.

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Since Fire Bros has been around for so long, many dispensaries in the greater Seattle area and beyond carry both strains and concentrates. You can even get Fire Bros products delivered.

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Destination HWY 420 is one of the premiere Bremerton-based dispensaries in the state. In addition to offering Fire Bros strains, pre-rolls, and concentrates, we have other high-quality brands and all the accessories you need to enjoy them. Stop by and see what a difference we can make in your cannabis experience!

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