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Have you tried a Cormorant Sorbet yet? Cormorant is a brand of edibles with a mission, based in Washington state. In addition to only using pesticide-free cannabis in all of their products, Cormorant pledges to donate 10% of its profits to the study and preservation of the ocean and marine life. It’s one of a growing number of cannabis companies pairing high-quality products with a socially conscious message. Learn more.


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Cormorant Edibles can be split into two broad categories – sorbets and beverages. Sorbets provide one of the most delicious ways to consume cannabis, with tasty and refreshing flavors like lemon, blueberry, and lime with mint or ginger. Each 15-fluid-ounce package contains 100 milligrams of THC. Sorbets are also available in 1:1 formulations, which add 100 milligrams of CBD to the standard THC.

Cormorant also offers tonic beverages that are equal parts delicious and packed with the THC customers are looking for. Flavors include cherry lime and “blue tonic water,” which is crisp and citrusy. Others like grapefruit, cranberry, bitter lemon, and ginger lime are also available or in development. Tonics include either 10 milligrams or 100 milligrams of THC, providing options for all types of cannabis consumers.

Cormorant Edibles Review

Cormorant has earned more than its share of fans for its unique edibles. For those tired of gummies, brownies, and chocolate bars, sorbet can be a delightful and refreshing change of pace. It’s perfect as a dessert for enjoying an evening on the couch or alternatively, for those who are sick with a sore throat or other maladies. Meanwhile, cannabis tonic offers a versatile way to get a buzz. Cormorant’s tasty flavors make them drinkable on their own, but the tonics also lend themselves to THC cocktails for those looking for a sophisticated, social buzz without alcohol.

Where to Buy Cormorant Edibles in Washington

Luckily for those who’d like to try these delicious products, Cormorant Edibles are available at more than two dozen dispensaries around Washington state. These are located as far north as Bellingham and south as Buckley, with the vast majority in the greater Seattle metro area.

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However, when it comes to where to buy Cormorant Edibles, cannabis buyers can’t beat the price, selection, and service of Destination HWY 420 in Bremerton, WA. In addition to a variety of Cormorant Edibles, Destination HWY 420 stocks extensive types of flower, pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrate, and cannabis accessories. Destination HWY 420 is locally owned and operated, and is also a Clean Green Certified business, as are many of its partners. Stop by today to chat with experienced and knowledgeable budtenders and find the best Cormorant Edibles product for you.

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