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Constellation Cannabis

Constellation Cannabis is a Washington state-based cannabis company that produces and processes products with an emphasis on wellness. The company, founded in 2018, represents a collection of industry stars with a wide range of experience that gathered together to deliver cannabis that reflects quality in all aspects. The company strives to create unique products that are influenced by the standard set in the medical era and are dedicated to delivering the promises of that era. Constellation Cannabis’ vision is to build a trusted company that delivers consistent quality products that are free of harsh chemicals.

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I've picked it [Orange Peel] up three times in solventless pod form orange juice x gsc tested at 10%. those 🍊terps kick!

rjjryan1 Review via Reddit

Constellation has really made me favor this elder cut, the high was just as on point as the flavor was.

P........h Review via Leafly

Great flower and even better hash. this blueberry takes me back to the 90s with the funk and effects, well done!

f........r Review via Leafly

Constellation Cannabis

Product Specs

Constellation Cannabis’ product line includes classic cannabis flower and other cannabis-infused products:

  • Constellation Essentials: Products that provide the perfect mix of the basic cannabis plant to offer the aroma and vibes of a healthy flower
    • Ice Water Hash: Fully dabable and meant to be enjoyed at a low temperature
    • Flower: Meticulously nurtured plants, grown under HPS and LED lights
    • Stardust BHO: Hash below 500 ppm of butane, fully dabable, low temperature
    • Space Capsules: Full spectrum solventless hash rosin oil capsules
    • Gravity Gummies: All-natural fruit puree pectin, with solventless hash rosin
  • Solventless Collection: These products take time to make and are refined to pack the biggest punch.
    • Solventless Hash Oil: Award-winning solventless concentrates
    • Hash Oil Rosin Carts: Unique packaging with strain tag and protected outer shell.
    • Hash Infused Pre-Rolls: Joints packed with flower from meticulously nurtured plants
    • Super Nova Bath Bomb

Constellation Cannabis FAQs

What is different about Constellation Cannabis?

Constellation Cannabis’ farm is female-owned and family managed, allowing it to stay close to the cannabis market and its customers. It prides itself on taking care of its employees and growing cannabis at a pace that allows it to maintain high standards. Constellation Cannabis’ solventless hash lab sets it apart from others competing in an established market, making it a craft cannabis operation with a unique process of growing and processing its ice water hash. The company’s vision is to become the preferred choice for cannabis connoisseurs in Washington.

Constellation Cannabis Reviews

Constellation Cannabis products receive high marks for consistency and potency. The cannabis brand’s focus on a limited product line enable it to focus on high quality flower and other products that are praised for flavor and their beneficial effects. Also praised are the products’ flavor and potent, long-lasting effects. Some reviews also note the fine terps in Constellation Cannabis products, and the dense, sticky buds of its flower. Customers who praise Constellation appreciate the company’s commitment to small batch processing and specialty focus on select products.

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Constellation Cannabis products are sold at Destination Hwy 420 in Bremerton, Washington, a locally-owned and operated dispensary that values serving the community.

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With a mission to be the best cannabis dispensary in Washington, Destination Hwy 420 is dedicated to offering the highest quality products, experience and service to customers.

Address1225 Hollis St, Bremerton, WA 98310
Hours: Open daily at 8AM
Phone(360) 627-8754

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