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Orgrow - The Biggest Marijuana Producer/Processor in Central Washington

Meet & Greet with Orgrow coming soon!

One of my personal favorite Orgrow dabs is the Space Candy, it has a very sweet and fruity flavor with some very relaxing and euphoric effects.  The last Orgrow concentrate I bought for myself is the Vegas Sour Bubba; it has a diesel and citrus-like flavor, with typical Indica effects and mood lifting qualities.  I'd recommend you try both of these if you haven't already.

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Slab Mechanix - Tacoma Grown Top-End Chronic

Meet the Slab Mechanix Team this Wednesday and pick up some of their products for discounted prices!

The Slab Mechanix Team is segmented into three different brands, each with their own specific focus.  This Tier 2 producer/processor’s mission is to produce top-quality marijuana flower and cannabis concentrates that medical and recreational users can count on every time.

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Sticky Budz (Marijuana Flower, Prerolled Joints, Concentrates, & Lotions)

Meet & Greet: Sticky Budz

Since 2010, Sticky Budz has grown and improved significantly to become a Tier 3 producer/processor with more than 20,000 sqft of indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse growing space. Over the last few years, Sticky Budz has made significant improvements to their extraction facility, their growing methods, and the knowledge base of their team. Today, Sticky Budz has become an exceptional large scale commercial marijuana business, and they continue to win some of the cannabis industries’ most sought-after awards.

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Meet & Greet: Avitas (Cannabis Oil Filled Vape Cartridges, Disposable Vapes)

In every step of their organic cannabis growing process, from their selection of soils and amendments, to their green energy powered facilities, Avitas embodies the ideology of environmentalism. Avitas is dedicated to producing safe, clean, and high quality cannabis products, while using the most environmentally conscious methods possible.

We look forward to seeing you all at our store in East Bremerton, this Saturday for the Avitas Meet & Greet!

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Meet & Greet: Evergreen Herbal (Cannabis Concentrates, Edibles, Drinkables And Joints)

Join us on Friday to meet the Evergreen Herbal team.

Evergreen Herbal creates a world where cannabis can be consumed in a spirit of wellness, freedom and fun by providing consumers with access to delicious, healthy and reliable cannabis products. We are committed to collaborating with fellow industry leaders, researchers, policy makers and advocates to create a thriving cannabis industry that benefits everyone.”

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Meet & Greet: Black Label (Marijuana Flower & Joints)

The Black Label, Red Label, Gold Label Cannabis team will be visiting us this Thursday for a Meet & Greet! Come on down and chat with the Black Label team and let them tell you about what makes their marijuana so good. As with all of our Meet & Greets, we will be discounting all of this company’s products all day long this Thursday.

From hand picked exotic genetics, to masterful growing techniques, and lots of love and compassion for the plant, marijuana products from Black Label, Red Label, and Gold Label are sure to please. So come on down and see us this Thursday and pick up some top quality marijuana for super low prices! Thanks everyone, we look forward to seeing you all.

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Meet & Greet: Leafwerx (Marijuana Joints And Vape Cartridges)

The Leafwerx team will be visiting Destination HWY 420 in East Bremerton this Friday for a Meet & Greet. Join us on Friday and receive a discount on all of their products!

Leafwerx prioritizes ensuring all of their products are top quality, from seed to sale; this could not be more evident than the products produced in their labs.  Leafwerx produces some of the most terpene rich, potent, pure, clean, and affordable marijuana concentrates in Washington.  Leafwerx uses Co2 and other solvent-less extraction methods that are highly efficient at maintaining the levels of flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids, allowing the product to express itself properly.

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Meet & Greet: Kola Bear 06/23/18

This Saturday, the Kola Bear team will be at Destination HWY 420 in east Bremerton for a Meet & Greet!

-Meet & Greet Sale!-

“Kola Bear begins with time proven legendary strains such as Acapulco Gold, Chocolope, and Bubble Gum…”

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