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Stoners Running Endurance Obstacle Course

Watch our Budtenders get shocked by electricity, swim through ice water, crawl through mud, and climb over obstacles, at the Seattle Tough Mudder! Stoners aren’t lazy, and we prove it in this video. The Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile endurance obstacle course with the motto "probably the toughest event on the planet".

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Sticky Budz (Marijuana Flower, Prerolled Joints, Concentrates, & Lotions)

Meet & Greet: Sticky Budz

Since 2010, Sticky Budz has grown and improved significantly to become a Tier 3 producer/processor with more than 20,000 sqft of indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse growing space. Over the last few years, Sticky Budz has made significant improvements to their extraction facility, their growing methods, and the knowledge base of their team. Today, Sticky Budz has become an exceptional large scale commercial marijuana business, and they continue to win some of the cannabis industries’ most sought-after awards.

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The People's Indoor Gardens (Marijuana Flower, Prerolled Joints, Concentrates)

This Meet & Greet is of the people, by the people, and for the people, to learn about how marijuana products are created, and receive some awesome discounts on high quality cannabis products.

With great strains such as “The People’s Diesel”, “Dutch Treat”, and “GG #4”, The People’s Indoor Gardens are supplying the Washington State cannabis market with time tested, high potency, flavorful, and balanced cannabis products, that are hand trimmed and artisanally crafted by the people, for the people.

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Meet & Greet: Avitas (Cannabis Oil Filled Vape Cartridges, Disposable Vapes)

In every step of their organic cannabis growing process, from their selection of soils and amendments, to their green energy powered facilities, Avitas embodies the ideology of environmentalism. Avitas is dedicated to producing safe, clean, and high quality cannabis products, while using the most environmentally conscious methods possible.

We look forward to seeing you all at our store in East Bremerton, this Saturday for the Avitas Meet & Greet!

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Meet & Greet: Smokey Point (Marijuana Concentrates, Prerolls, Edibles, Vape Cartridges)

Upcoming Meet & Greet with Smokey Point Productions.

“At no time in history has cannabis been so potent, flavorful, or as smooth as it is today. Smokey Point is “on point” with their top shelf quality infused joints. When you take great buds and mix in some cannabis concentrate, then roll it all into a joint, you’re looking at one of the hardest hitting marijuana products available in the world.”

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Meet & Greet: HighNoon (Marijuana Concentrates, Prerolled Joints, Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges)

HighNoon is an artisan quality marijuana producer/processor located right here in Bremerton, WA. The main focus of HighNoon is to supply the local Kitsap County area with the freshest, cleanest, and most potent cannabis products on the market.

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SmokeTober Fest 10/20/18

Want to attend the first SmokeTober Fest ever in Kitsap County? Registration form available here.

-Raffle Drawings & Giveaways Every Hour!

-Live DJ & Entertainment

-Food & Drinks

-Halloween Costume Contest at 6pm

-Cannabis Vendor Booths:

-20% off all participating vendors all day at Destination HWY 420.

-Special Movie Showing At The Historic Roxy:

Halloween (1978) Remastered

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Meet & Greet: Heavenly Buds (Marijuana Flower And Shake)

This Friday, join us for a Meet & Greet with the Heavenly Buds Team!  Heavenly Buds is a pesticide free marijuana producer/processor located in Longview, Washington. 

The mission of Heavenly Buds is to create the highest quality cannabis products in the greenest, safest, and most loving ways.  Each of their plants are pesticide free, indoor soil grown, hand trimmed, and hand watered.  Cultivating cannabis plants by hand is a much more tedious process, but it allows their team to get hands-on with each plant to ensure they’re getting all the nutrients, care, and attention they need to maximize their potential.

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Meet & Greet: Pono Farms (Marijuana Flower And Joints)

This Wednesday the Pono team will be at Destination HWY 420 from 3:00 - 6:00 pm for a Meet & Greet. Pono is an excellent, upright, moral, virtuous, and righteous cannabis company located in Cheney, Washington.  Pono Farms produces some incredible pesticide free products such as flower, joints, and marijuana concentrates.  Pono cannabis genetics include amazing strains such as “Black Garlic Kush, Lemon Gorilla Princess, Polynesian Thin Mint, Strawberry Lemonade, and Grease Monkey”.  The word “Pono” is a Hawaiian word generally translated as “righteousness”, and is the core of the Pono Farms mission statement.  Pono Farms products are all natural, indoor grown, and pesticide free.

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Meet & Greet: Pilot Farms (Marijuana Flower, Joints, And Concentrates)

Visit us this Saturday to meet the Pilot Cannabis team and find out what goes into making such high flying cannabis products.

We recently received a new delivery of products from Pilot Cannabis, in preparation for their Meet & Greet. These new products look and smell incredible. Each gram of flower appears as if it were the most aesthetic bud on each plant they harvested. Each strain has a complex and distinct aroma, the scent representative of each strain’s unique terpene profile. Each new concentrate was also beautifully displayed to show the exquisite coloration, and in the shatter, transparency.

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Meet & Greet: Pioneer Nuggets (Marijuana Flower And Concentrates)

The Pioneer Nuggets Team will be visiting our store in Bremerton, WA this Friday!  If you're anywhere near the Kitsap County area on 08/31/18, you should definitely join us for this Meet & Greet.  All Pioneer Nuggets marijuana products will be discounted all day.  This company has mastered the methods of growing landrace and exotic hybrid cannabis cultivar.  From seed to sale, this company has their eye on detail, ensuring only the finest marijuana makes it to the consumer.  Excellent cannabis genetics available such as Snoop's Dream, Lodi Dodi, Acapulco Gold, & even Blackberry Fire Alien!  Come see us this Friday for more information and great sales!

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Meet & Greet: Black Label (Marijuana Flower & Joints)

The Black Label, Red Label, Gold Label Cannabis team will be visiting us this Thursday for a Meet & Greet! Come on down and chat with the Black Label team and let them tell you about what makes their marijuana so good. As with all of our Meet & Greets, we will be discounting all of this company’s products all day long this Thursday.

From hand picked exotic genetics, to masterful growing techniques, and lots of love and compassion for the plant, marijuana products from Black Label, Red Label, and Gold Label are sure to please. So come on down and see us this Thursday and pick up some top quality marijuana for super low prices! Thanks everyone, we look forward to seeing you all.

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Meet & Greet: Stone Supply (Marijuana Flower, Joints, Vape Cartridges, And Concentrates)

Come visit us this Wednesday for a Meet & Greet with the Stone Supply Team. Stone Supply offers premium cannabis flower, packaged in high quality glass containers, as well as B-Buds, prerolls, and oil.  If you're into stronger marijuana products, we'ed recommend trying out their Triple Double infused joints.  Stone Supply also has some excellent clean and clear Co2 hash oil packed with flavor. 

This Wednesday is also our “Support Local Businesses Day”. We will be offering 15% off all local marijuana company products all day long. Some of our local marijuana vendors are located in the Kitsap County surrounding areas.

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Meet & Greet: Stone Supply 07/13/18

Come visit us this Friday for a Meet & Greet with the Stone Supply Team. Stone Supply offers premium cannabis flower, packaged in high quality glass containers, as well as B-Buds, prerolls, and oil.  If you're into stronger marijuana products, we'ed recommend trying out their Triple Double infused joints.  Stone Supply also has some excellent clean and clear Co2 hash oil packed with flavor. 

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4/20 Fair Details

We're inviting YOU and the rest of our Best Buds to join us for food, drinks, live music, games, prizes, and more!  If you're a cannabis connoisseur, you don't want to miss out on the biggest & best 4/20 celebration in Kitsap County, Washington.  Chance to become a judge for the 420 Gold Cannabis Cup, Participate in the 4/20 Scavenger Hunt, and celebrate the cannabis culture holiday with us at the 4/20 Fair.

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All Teens Matter Holiday Drive

Destination HWY 420 is participating in the All Teens Matter Toy/Food drive for this years holiday season.  We will be donating toys, food, clothing, and more to the Teens of Kitsap and Mason counties in Washington State.  Toni and Ryan speak about how you can participate in this holiday drive. 

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