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Meet & Greet: Canna Burst (Marijuana Edibles)

Join us this Monday for a Meet & Greet with the C4 Canna Burst team!

Edible marijuana products are generally more relaxing and have body oriented effects, but with Canna Burst, they’ve formulated their edibles to have some Indica and Sativa effects. Each box of Canna Burst is labeled as “Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, or CBD”, to allow the consumers the option of which profile of effects they’d like to have. Sativa Canna Burst edibles are a great option for daytime adventures, without the worry of much sedation. The Indica based Canna Burst edibles are true to their name in that they are noticeably more sedative than their Sativa and Hybrid counterparts. The CBD Canna Burst edibles are perfect for any time of the day and they give the typical CBD medical benefits without any psychoactive effects.

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