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Slab Mechanix - Tacoma Grown Top-End Chronic

Meet the Slab Mechanix Team this Wednesday and pick up some of their products for discounted prices!

The Slab Mechanix Team is segmented into three different brands, each with their own specific focus.  This Tier 2 producer/processor’s mission is to produce top-quality marijuana flower and cannabis concentrates that medical and recreational users can count on every time.

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Meet & Greet: Buddy Boy Farms (Marijuana Flower)

Buddy Boy Farms is known across Washington State as one of the best cannabis companies. One of the reasons why Buddy Boy is so popular among cannabis users is that they’re as organic and natural as possible. They have a natural spring on their property with clean water they use to nourish their crops. This water doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, or other disinfectants that may be harmful to the consumer.

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