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7/10 Dab Day | White Girl Wasted | Slab Mechanix | Sticky Budz

On July 10th 2017, the 420 Annex hosted the first Dab Day event ever to happen in Kitsap County, WA. Watch as White Girl Wasted performs on stage in the back lot of the Destination HWY 420 property. Big shout out to our friends from Slab Mechanix & Sticky Budz for setting up lounges and informational booths!

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7/10 Dab Day | Jim Marcotte | Leaf Werx | BBB Farms | Silica | Rogue Raven

This past 7/10 Dab Day was a blast!  We had cannabis vendors such as Leaf Werx, Silica Phoenix, BBB Farms, and Rogue Raven at our Dab Day event; they set up some awesome booths with food, games, dabs, and more.  Jim Marcotte was one of the musicians to grace our stage.  Watch the video inside for more!

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7/10 Dab Day | Fuse The Illustrator | Sweet As! | Dose Oil

Dabs + live music + food + massages + comedy = 7/10 Dab Day.  You already know that Destination HWY 420 is the marijuana retailer with the best cannabis themed events in Kitsap county, but you can always reconfirm this fact by watching the video inside. 

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