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710 Dab Day Event - Register Here

The 710 Dab Day Event will have several vendor booths, live music, food, drinks, raffle drawings, swag bags, and more. This event will be going from 4:00-7:30 PM on 07/13/19. This event is free to attend, you just need to register online.

If you aren’t familiar with the term “dabbing”, it refers to two different yet potentially connected things. Dabbing is a term used to describe using cannabis concentrates such as crumble, shatter, and oil.

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7/10 Dab Day | Huge Sales On Marijuana Concentrates, Dab Rigs, & Vape Cartridges

Here at Destination HWY 420, we want to make sure you do this holiday the right way.  Even if you've never tried a cannabis concentrate, we'ed love to educate you and get you set up with all the gear you need.  On July 10th, we will be having huge discounts on tons of cannabis products and accessories. 

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VIP Access Seattle Hempfest

Get VIP access to the largest protestival in the world!  If you didn't go to this years Seattle Hempfest, you missed out, it was an amazing event!  Belly Dancers, Ron Jeremy playing a harmonica, cannabis, and a lot of people with a lot of love... good times. #Cannabis, #420, #Bremerton, #Seattlehempfest, #710, #Kitsapcountyweed.

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