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Meet & Greet: Pilot Farms (Marijuana Flower, Joints, And Concentrates)

Visit us this Saturday to meet the Pilot Cannabis team and find out what goes into making such high flying cannabis products.

We recently received a new delivery of products from Pilot Cannabis, in preparation for their Meet & Greet. These new products look and smell incredible. Each gram of flower appears as if it were the most aesthetic bud on each plant they harvested. Each strain has a complex and distinct aroma, the scent representative of each strain’s unique terpene profile. Each new concentrate was also beautifully displayed to show the exquisite coloration, and in the shatter, transparency.

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Winterlife Spikers Mai Tai | Bremerton Marijuana Products

Watch some of Kitsap County's favorite budtenders try Winterlife Spikers for the first time.  Spikers are cannabis cocktail mixers that can be poured over ice, mixed with club soda, or added to a variety of other beverages.  Come visit Destination HWY 420 in east Bremerton to pick up a bottle for yourself.

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John's Product Review: Sunset Sherbert By Stone Supply- Military Veterans

In this strain review, John describes Sunset Sherbert while also talking about "".  John shares some of his personal experience transitioning from the defense industry to the civilian sector.

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