E-Nails Now In Stock!

High Five E-Nails Are In!

We just got in some amazing new e-nails from High Five Vaporizers.  E-nails are electronic heating devices to replace the need for using a torch while vaporizing concentrates.  Temperature management can be difficult when using a torch but with these e-nails you can select a temperature from a digital readout for pinpoint accuracy.   With this E-Nail, you can stop buying all those cans of butane, no torch necessary.

We have two models of High5 E-Nails available:

High5 LED/PID ENail #1- $180

High5 LED ENail #2- $200

"The difference between the HIGH5 LED Enail #1 & #2 is that the display for LED #2 shows the set temperature and current temperature simultaneously."


  • USB Port
  • Digital Display
  • Gold Plated XLRs
  • Auto System Tuning
  • Grounded/Fuse Protected
  • Last Set Temperature Memory
  • 6ft Long Kevlar Wrapped Coil
  • Coil Connection: 5PIN Female XLR
  • 8ft Long Auto Locking Power Cord
  • Separate ON/OFF Switch for Coil & Power Supply
  • Temperature range: 0F - 1200F - Recommended Usage Below 1000F

Unit Includes:

  • (1) - Click to Download User Manual
  • (1) - Control Box with Digital Display
  • (1) - 8ft Long Auto Locking Power Cord
  • (1) - 6ft Long Kevlar Wrapped Coil (Flat, 16mm or 20mm)

1 Year Company Warranty Included.  Product made in Washington State.

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