Winterlife Spikers Mai Tai | Bremerton Marijuana Products

When you purchase a bottle of Winterlife Spikers, there's plenty to go around.  This product is a great addition to any 420 friendly event.  Watch some of the crew from Destination HWY 420 drink some of Winterlife's Spikers for their first time.  Don't forget about Mike!

Come visit us in east Bremerton and get some Winterlife Spikers for yourself.  We currently have Lime Mojito, Mai Tai, and Mint Julep; all of the Spikers we carry are $24/100mg THC.  If you find yourself near Kitsap County, swing by the shop and check out our awesome selection of marijuana flower, joints, edibles, concentrates, topicals, vape cartridges, glass pipes, bongs, and more.