We Now Have Phat Panda Products!

Here by popular demand, we now have the following products by Phat Panda:

2G/$27- Trash [Indica Hybrid, 24.40% THC, 0.10% CBD]

2G/$27- Grunk [Sativa Hybrid, 22.40% THC, 0.10% CBD]

Joint/$9- 12th Man Down [Indica, 24.00% THC, 0.40% CBD]

Joint/$9- Space Queen [Sativa Hybrid, 21.10% THC, 0.20% CBD]

Joint/$9- Girl Scout Cookies [Hybrid, 25.40% THC, 0.20% CBD]

.5G Wax/$20- Dream Beaver [Sativa Hybrid, 83.90% THC, 0.30% CBD]

.5G Wax/$20- The Force [Hybrid, 70.10% THC, 6.28% CBD]

.5G Wax/$20- Space Queen [Sativa Hybrid, 68.30%, 0.20% CBD]

.5G Wax/$20- Lemon Skunk [Hybrid, 76.10% THC, 0.72% CBD]

.5G Wax/$20- Blue Dream [Sativa Hybrid, 83.30% THC, 0.70% CBD]