Destination HWY 420 is a licensed I-502 recreational marijuana retailer in Bremerton, Washington.  Owned by Brian Rose and Michelle Beardsley, who both assisted in the opening of the original HWY 420.  

Our doors opened for business on August 29th 2015.  Since that time, we have developed a great relationship with our customers and the surrounding community.  We support local community organizations and people, such as the American Legion Post 149 and our local homeless population.  We are currently developing our own veterans outreach program, as well as participating in various fund raising projects through activities such as Tough Mudder.  A good deal of our efforts are focused on educating our customers and the general community on proper marijuana usage; as well as changing the inaccurate, negative stereotypes associated with it.

Our staff is very knowledgeable in the marijuana industry and can provide information on everything from concentrates to flower and from vape pens to percolators and even edibles.   We understand that the marijuana industry has been growing exponentially more complex over the years; this is why we take pride in staying up on all the current trends, products, and regulations.  So come on down to our store and be a part of history as we work towards ending the prohibition of marijuana!

We are excited to announce that there will be two additional stores opening up inside our building.  There will be a merchandise store, called the 420 Annex where they plan to sell apparel, books, topicals, stickers, posters, etc.  The other, a glass blowing school/studio, called Wicked Glass Werx where customers will have the opportunity to blow their own glass under the supervision of a certified instructor.  

  Mission Statement

At Destination Highway 420, our mission is to be the best marijuana retail store in Kitsap County, if not all of Washington.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products, customer service, and enjoyable experiences for our customers.

We are educated and knowledgeable about the newest trends and products.

We believe in having a positive relationship with our customers, the community, and local law enforcement.