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NWCS – Northwest Cannabis Solutions (Marijuana Flower, Joints, Edibles, Vape Cartridges, Concentrates)

Northwest Cannabis Solutions – One Of The Top Marijuana Producer/Processors in Washington State.

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Northwest Cannabis Solutions (NWCS) is a wildly popular tier 3 marijuana producer/processor, located in Olympia, WA.  NWCS has several brands that operate under their umbrella, which include Magic Kitchen, Legends, Evergreen, Crystal Clear, Mari’s Mints, and more.  Each NWCS brand has their own specialized focus, to produce incredible concentrates, edibles, flower, and other products in pretty much every category you can imagine.  The NWCS family is consistently one of the top grossing marijuana companies in Washington State, and this is all due to the quality of their products, and their affordable prices.   


The NWCS family operates out of a state-of-the-art facility with highly efficient grow rooms, a high-tech extraction lab, and a clean and sterile kitchen. 

NWCS grows their cannabis in a 70,000sqft warehouse with more than 40 different grow rooms.  The grow facility is configurated in a manner that allows their team to micromanage the environmental controls, to create precise conditions conducive towards plant health. 

NWCS utilizes some of the industries’ most cutting-edge equipment and techniques, to produce some of the most flavorful and potent concentrates on the market.  NWCS uses Hydrocarbon, Co2, and Alcohol extraction methods to produce their concentrates.  All NWCS products are laboratory tested to ensure that there are no residual solvents or other undesirable components present in their final products.  The NWCS team takes pride in the cleanliness, potency, and safety of their product lines.

NWCS produces a line of vape cartridges that are filled with their Crystal Clear distillate oils.  Crystal Clear distillate filled Standard 510 Vape Cartridges come in more than 20 different custom flavors and strains.

It’s not uncommon to see some of the NWCS Crystal Clear distillate oils with more than 95% THC.  Personally, I’m more of a flavor chaser, I purchase my cannabis products based on how smooth and tasty they are, and for this reason, the Crystal Clear distillates are one of my favorite products.  I’ve tried most of the Crystal Clear oils that were available at Destination HWY 420, and the flavor and effects are amazingly consistent, and accurate!  One of my favorite Crystal Clear oils is the Green Apple distillate, it tastes exactly like Green Apples.  Another interesting variation of their distillates is Sugar Cookies, this one is great as a dab, but I like to have it in my edibles as well; the sugar cookie flavor really compliments the flavor of the cookies it’s baked into. 

Speaking of edibles, NWCS has some great edible product lines such as Magic Kitchen and Mari’s Mints.  Magic Kitchen has worked especially hard to create a big variety of flavors and cannabinoid ratios in their edibles.  Magic Kitchen is the company responsible for creating “Marmas”, which are delicious fruit chew squares.  Marmas have a soft and stable gelatin consistency, and are coated with sugar and/or sour flavoring.  My personal favorite flavor of Marma is the Sour Apple, and I prefer the variety that has a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio, which means that they contain 100mg of CBD and 100mg THC per 10pk (10mg:10mg CBD:THC per candy).  Marmas also come in the standard 100mg THC ratio, and the 250mg CBD ratio, for people that want some of the medical benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects of THC.

The information we’ve gone over so far has barely scratched the surface of what all NWCS has to offer, and who they are as a company.  The NWCS team will be visiting us this Friday, the 29th of March, 2019.  If you’d like to learn more about this company, come into Destination HWY 420 from 3:00-6:00pm on the 29th, to meet the team.  If there are any specific questions that you’d like us to ask them during the Meet & Greet, let us know in the comments.

Destination HWY 420 is a medical and recreational marijuana retailer, located in Bremerton, WA. Our neighbor, the 420 Annex, will be hosting the upcoming 4/20 Fair in the back lot of our building. There will be live music, food, drinks, vendor booths, games, prizes, raffle drawings, and the 420 Gold Cannabis Cup, all happening at the 4/20 Fair. The Fair will be a private event that requires you to register online. The registration, tickets, and entry are all free, as well as everything else! We hope you all will come visit us, and the rest of of our Best Buds, to have the most awesome 4/20 ever!

Destination HWY 420 has a large selection of marijuana flower, prerolled joints, vape cartridges, edibles, drinkables, topicals, concentrates, and more. Tons of glass pipes, bongs, dab rigs, nectar collectors, vape pens, electronic dabbers , e-nails, and more.

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