Vendor Day 09/02/17 With Stone Supply

Stone Supply will be at our store for Vendor Day, this Saturday, September 2nd.

Come meet Stone Supply’s team from 1-4 pm, and buy some of their top shelf cannabis products while they’re on sale. 

15% Off All Stone Supply Products

Flower & Joints

Stone Supply is responsible for growing some of our customer’s favorite strains.  Sunset Sherbet, Death Star, Ken’s GDP, Super Silver Haze, and Gorilla Glue are some of the strains available at our store.  Stone Supply offers high quality buds, b-buds, and shake, in a variety of sizes from 1g up to 28g’s, for low prices.  One of their new items that hit the shelves running, are their triple double joints that are concentrate infused and are sure to please.


Stone Supply concentrates are produced using Co2 and are all around great products.  We currently have WIFI OG oil available that has an excellent flavor profile with some highly euphoric effects.


Visit the Stone Supply website here.

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