Vendor Day 09/15/17 With Dama

Dama will be at our store for Vendor Day, this Friday, September 15th.

Come meet Dama’s team from 3-6 pm, and buy some of their top shelf cannabis products while they’re on sale. 

20% Off All Dama Products


Marijuana Flower & Joints

With strains like DJ Short Blueberry, Chocolate Thai, and Berry White, Dama has something for everyone.  Their flower is priced much lower than the quality warrants.  Their buds are always aesthetically pleasing, covered in trichomes and symmetrically trimmed.  Dama flower and joints have some great flavor with some excellent effects to match.

Concentrates & Vapes

We currently have CBD oil that comes in a syringe applicator, as well as several vape cartridges such as Backyard Mint, Black Cherry, and Original CBD.


THC & CBD infused gel capsules are available, they come in 100mg packages.  These gel capsules are great for people with food allergies or those looking for an edible without a bunch of sugar.


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