Rogue Raven- (Marijuana Flower, Prerolled Joints, Infused Joints, Topicals, Vape Cartridges, & Concentrates) Bremerton

Rogue Raven will be at our store for Vendor Day, this Thursday, August 31st.

Come meet Rogue Raven’s team from 2-5 pm, and buy some of their top shelf cannabis products while they’re on sale. 

15% Off All Rogue Raven Products

Marijuana Flower/Joints

Rogue Raven grows some of our favorite strains such as G-13 and Ewok.  Rogue Raven is widely known for their awesome products and great prices.  All of their flower looks frosty with a heavy trichome presence and is always trimmed to aesthetic perfection.  If your camera has the ability to take macro pics, definitely get some close-ups of buds from Rogue Raven.




Rogue Raven wax is always a great buy, you get top shelf products for low prices.  Their line of concentrates range in consistency from crumble to shatter and they have a large line of available strains.  These concentrates have excellent flavor profiles and are very smooth.  Also available are concentrates from Dutch Hustle, a premium line of wax sure to please the pickiest cannabis connoisseurs out there.

Visit the Rogue Raven website here.

-Come visit us today and find out why we’re the best pot shop in Bremerton!

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