Vendor Day 08/15/17 With From The Soil

From The Soil will be at our store for Vendor Day, this Tuesday, August 15th.

Come meet From The Soil’s team from 2-6 pm, and buy some of their top shelf cannabis products while they’re on sale. 

15% Off All From The Soil Products


Marijuana Flower/Joints

Flower grown by From The Soil is all around excellent.  All of their flower is packaged in glass jars with lots of great product info on the labels.  Each of their strains have been inputted into the Leafly database which makes it easy to learn more about their strains.  Their buds are moist and sticky, burn clean, taste great, and deliver some impressive effects.

Joints are available in 8 packs, some of which are mixed jars that come with 2 or more strains.


From The Soil Concentrates come in a variety of consistencies to include pull-n-snap, crumble, and shatter; they also have a few live resin products with some outstanding flavor profiles and effects to match.

Visit the From The Soil website here.

-Come visit us today and find out why we’re the best pot shop in Bremerton

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