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Vaping Cannabis vs. Combustion

The three most popular ways to consume cannabis today are to smoke it, to vaporize it, or to eat it in some form of edible. Smoking it and vaporizing the plant are the quickest methods to feel their effects, but which is truly better? Is smoking cannabis truly dangerous to your health? You’ll find the answers below.

What Are the Benefits Over Smoking?

Vaporizing limits the harmful toxins that you inhale when you smoke cannabis. Smoking releases over one-hundred different toxins which are linked to cancer. Despite what advocates say, some of these toxins may work against the medicinal properties of the plant. Another study in 2007 said that vaporizing cannabis gives patients the same benefits without the harmful smoke.

You can even improve your lung health by switching to vaporization. Since fewer toxins that can lead to lung damage and bronchitis like symptoms, vaporization can actually be healthier for you. In fact, three studies prove that vaporizers are better for your lungs. And one study proved that 20 smokers had better lung function after switching to vaporization.

Vaporizing also gives patients better control over dosing and faster relief over edibles and pill forms of cannabis. Vaporizing cannabis allows the active ingredients that provide relief to enter your bloodstream directly through your lungs. In edibles, the cannabis must first be absorbed into the liver before providing relief. This puts the control of dosing in the patient’s hands. They can simply stop inhaling once relief has been achieved.

In a survey of patients who used vaporizers, they said that vaporization left them feeling more in control and with fewer side effects than other methods of ingestion. Patients said that the “high” obtained with vaporization was more “clear headed.”

Vaporization is also more discreet. Combustion releases smoke – which holds the tell-tale odor of those released terpenes that scream what you’re smoking. Vapor is nearly, but not quite completely, odorless. So, if you need to be on the down-low about your consumption of cannabis, then vaping is probably the best choice for you.

What Does Vaping Cannabis Entail?

In order to vaporize cannabis, you will need either a dry herb vaporizer or a wax vape pen that can vaporize concentrates. You can also vaporize by using a specialized water pipe that has a dab rig. A dab rig is used primarily for the vaporization of dabs or waxes, which are a cannabis concentrate. 

Basically, the herb or the concentrate is heated to a specific temperature, which is usually much lower than smoking, at which point a vapor is released and then inhaled. In the case of desktop vaporizers, the vapor can fill a bag and be inhaled from there, or be inhaled directly through plastic whips or tubes. For portable e-pen style vaporizers, the vapor is drawn through a mouthpiece.

What Can I Smoke?

It depends on your model of vaporizer, really. Some vaporizers are made specifically for dry herbs. Other e-pens and mod style devices are for oils only. These can also come with replaceable cartridges that you change out when they are out of oil. Still some other vaporizers are for wax concentrates. Depending on which you prefer to smoke, you should choose a vaporizer that works for that substance. Some vaporizers do offer 3-in-1 function as well.

Vaporizing is definitely a growing trend within the cannabis world. And for good reason. Not only is it healthier, but it is also more discrete and offers you a choice of products to smoke. Choose your favorite and the appropriate vaporizer and you will be good to enjoy the benefits of vaporizing over smoking your cannabis!


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