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Store News 03/30/17

Digital Menu With Online Ordering

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If you haven’t already tried out our new digital interactive menu, it’s worth checking out.  The search and re-categorization options help narrow down our approximately 500 products.  You can pull this up on your phone, tablet, or computer and even place your order online for in store pick up!  Use this new online ordering option to expedite your shopping experience.  Ask your budtender for more details about this.

4/20 Fair

On April 20th, the 420 Annex will be hosting this year’s 4/20 fair, held in the back lot of the Destination HWY 420 building.  The fair will go from 12:00-6:00 pm and is free for all adults (21+) to attend.  Many of our vendors will be attending the fair and manning a variety of games, food, information, and entertainment booths; all free for the guests to enjoy.  Several other marijuana retailers in Kitsap County will also be attending the fair to participate in the fun.  These other marijuana retail businesses will also be participating in a scavenger hunt with huge grand prizes going to the winners.  Some of the games we will have at the fair include: turtle races, ring toss, corn hole, balloon pop, pin the tail on Tommy Chong, and more.  We will also have a variety of live performances from Double B & Laces, Cashing in Karma, DJ Turtle Dove, Saint John and the Revelations, and Jordy Mulatto. 

420 Annex

The 420 Annex is opening for business on 03/31!  If you’re looking for cannabis themed art, marijuana apparel, growing books, magazines, skateboards, jewelry or other such related items, the 420 Annex is the place for you.

More info on these topics coming soon!

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